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Creating Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress


Creating Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress

Today I’m here to guide you about the most useful plugin named ‘Custom Facebook Feed’. This plugin helps the site builders to display their Facebook feed on their WordPress site. In this article, we focused on how to create a Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress. So, let’s start with what’s the use of Facebook Feed in WordPress Site.

Use of Facebook Feed in a Website

We know that Facebook has millions of users. So by creating a Facebook page or group, you can quickly reach more audiences. This is what many bloggers like you and me are following. So, displaying this FB Feed on your WordPress site improves more engagement. The visitors of your site may not know what’s happening on your Facebook page. So, by doing this, you can give a better exposure of your posts to the users or visitors. It also improves the Facebook likes, shares, comments and helps to redirect the user from your site to the original post on Facebook.

Why should I use a Plugin for Facebook Feed?

It’s a common thing that the Facebook allows our site builders to add the Facebook Like Box, comment form, or the page feed to their websites. From those you can add Like box and comment form easily in WordPress CMS, but inserting page feed in WP CMS is a difficult thing for the blogger. To reduce that difficulty, we should use the Custom Facebook Feed plugin. Even if you added the Facebook Feed to the sidebar in WordPress, you can’t customize it unless you have the knowledge on CSS. So it is better to use the Plugin to do work faster and easier. For more latest WordPress Plugins, keep visiting our site.

Why only Custom Facebook Feed plugin?

A few days ago, while I am searching for Facebook feed plugins to my website, I found Custom Facebook Feed plugin. Many amazing features made me attracted to that plugin. Some of the main features to impress a site builder are,

  • Completely Customizable: This is the best feature I liked most in this plugin! There are tons of styling and customization options in this plugin, through which Facebook feed can be customised to look however you like.
  • The content in the Facebook feed is crawlable by search engines, which helps in adding SEO value to your site.
  • Completely responsive and mobile optimised: layout looks great in any container width and on any screen size.
  • You can add your own custom CSS.
  • The setup is very simple which just requires your Facebook Page or Group ID.
  • It display feeds from different multiple Facebook pages or groups and use the shortcode to embed them into a post, page, or widget anywhere on your WordPress site.

There is a lot to say about this plugin, but I think these features are enough to make you click the Install button of Custom Facebook Feed Plugin.

Note: It is the best plugin to display text. To display images in shared links or status updates, you need plugin’s PRO version because the free version displays only text.

How to create Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress Site?

To create the Facebook feed on your WordPress site, you need to install the Custom Facebook Feed plugin. The process of creating Custom Facebook feed to WP site is easy because recently I have installed this plugin within few steps. So I’m here to share you those steps which may help you to create Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress quickly.

  • In the Plugins section click on Add New and search for ‘Custom Facebook Feed’ and click on ‘Install Now’ as shown below.
  • On clicking that, you will direct to the ‘Installing Plugin: Custom Facebook Feed 2.4.3’ section.
  • There click on ‘Activate Plugin’ and make activation as shown below.
  • After activation, go to Facebook Feed >> Settings.
  • There in the configuration, you can configure the plugin settings as shown below.
  • Here first you need to enter your FB page ID.
  • If the URL of your Facebook page is:, enter the ID as hostinginsidercom.
  • If the URL is, enter the ID as 1914933295400283.
  • Now, under settings select whether yours is an FB page or group or profile.
  • Select whose posts you want to show on your page i.e. post from the owner or some other user.
  • Enter the number of posts to display and if required change the post limit i.e. it gives the option to limit the number of posts displayed at a given time.
  • If you frequently update your page, you can configure the Custom Facebook Feed plugin WordPress to refresh and show the new posts for every 1 Minute, Hour or Day. You can set this time as per your requirement.
  • Set the Localization and Time Zone and click on ‘Save Changes’.

How to get Access Token?

In the WordPress settings page, it asks you to enter the Access Token. Without the access token also you can work with this plugin, but it is recommended to enter the access token for authorization purpose. To generate the Access Token, follow the process given below.

  • Go to
  • Click on Create a new app and click on basic setup.
  • Enter the Display Name, Contact E-Mail, Select a category and click on ‘Create App ID’.
  • On the top right side click on ‘Tools & Support’.
  • Click on Access Token Tool and copy the ‘App Token’.
  • Enter this App Token in the field provided on the plugin settings page and click on save changes.

Display Facebook Feed on Website

  • For displaying your feed, copy the shortcode given on the same settings page.
  • Now, paste the shortcode i.e. [custom-facebook-feed] into the post, page, or widget where you’d like to display the feed.

As a result, your page or post will be displayed as

Customize Facebook Feed in WordPress

Above I have mentioned that Custom Facebook Feed plugin has the great feature of ‘Completely Customizable’. Now let’s see how far it is customizable. Using this feature you can easily customize the appearance of Facebook feed on your WordPress site.

  • Go to Facebook Feed >> Customize.
  • There you find many Tabs to customize the Facebook feed.
  • General: In the General tab, you can customize the feed width, feed height, feed padding, feed background color. Also, if you want to use custom CSS, then add that CSS code to the style.css file and enter the CSS class name in the class text field.
  • Post Layout: By using the Pro version you can choose post layouts: Thumbnail, Half-Width, and Full-Width. You can also show or hide the author name, post text, links, event title, etc. in your feed. You can customize the Post Style by managing Background Colour, Line Colo, Thickness, etc.
  • Typography: Here, the user can customize the feed header, post text, link, photos, post author text size/color, video description, post date, events, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Like this, there are other options where you can customize the Facebook Feed in WordPress. So, once have a look on all these features and customize as per your requirement.

Show Multiple Facebook Feed in WordPress

The Custom Facebook Feed plugin allows you to add one page or group ID. If you want to display more than one Facebook feed on your WordPress site use the shortcode as shown below.

1[custom-facebook-feed id=1914933295400283]

Using this shortcode you can easily display any other custom Facebook feed you want.


This Custom Facebook Feed plugin is recommended for both WP beginner and advanced user who knows WordPress, PHP, and CSS very well. For a beginner, it makes work easy and for an advanced user, it reduces the effort they do in inserting page feed in WordPress CMS.

I can’t say that this plugin is enough for all your requirements. The free version only displays the text. To get images in shared links or status updates, you need plugin’s PRO version. Also, there are other plugins which will handle the images and other things like that. But as to my knowledge and preference, this is the best supportive plugin that gave high-level customization. Stay connected with us to get Best WordPress Theme Suggestions.

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