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Choosing the Best Web Hosting for a WordPress Site


Choosing the Best Web Hosting for a WordPress Site

Web hosting is a key element of every successful website. Choosing the best WordPress hosting provider for your website is not an easy task. If you are a WordPress Beginner and you are not sure where to start then it become one of the difficult tasks for you.

In this article, we have provided the detail regarding the best WordPress Web hosting providers. Read the complete article and choose one perfect Web hosting provider which is suitable for your WordPress Website.

How to Choose the WordPress Hosting?

The best WordPress hosting can improve your SEO score on search engines. There are multiple types of Web hosting options are available such as Free, VPS, Shared and Dedicated, etc. For choosing one Best WordPress Web Hosting, first you need to know the Requirements of your WordPress Hosting Provider. In the below section, we have clearly described the Requirements of WordPress. Take a look at it and learn What are the Hosting Requirements.

Requirements of WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a very lightweight script, and it is compatible with all good web hosting companies. The simple requirements of WordPress are

  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.7 or greater.

Due to the WordPress popularity, all web hosting companies come with easy one-click install options. Here we listed all Best WordPress Web hosting companies which offer full support for running a WordPress website.

Considerable Things to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Security, Speed, and reliability are important factors to consider when choosing a Best WordPress Web Hosting. The main important factor that you should consider while choosing the Web hosting is your needs. Before purchasing your WordPress hosting, you have to Evaluate your needs.

Evaluating Your WordPress Hosting Needs

There are different types of WordPress Web hosting options available like Free, Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Managed. Have a look at these options to determine which is suitable for you.

Free Web Hosting

The free WordPress Web hosting available, but they have some sort of catch. Generally, you can find free Web hosting being offered in small groups or online forums. In most of the cases, this free Web hosting is managed by an individual who is reselling some part of his server space to cover up some revenue.

Sometimes, the catch can put their banner ads on your WordPress site. These banner ads or text links will cover up the cost of your free space with profits. The biggest downside of free web hosting is that they are unreliable. You never know when that person will stop providing the free service. They can leave you at any time. If you are one of the persons who are serious about their WordPress website, then you have to avoid Free WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting is a most popular type of Web hosting used by WordPress beginners. It is affordable and frankly a good starting point for starters. In Shared hosting, you can share a large server with a number of sites. If you have multiple websites on the same server, the hosting providers will offer the service at a much affordable rate. Shared WordPress Web hosting is the best solution for starting bloggers and small businesses etc.

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS is a virtual machine. It is a process of partitioning a physical computer server into multiple servers with respects to the customers need. Even, you share the server with others this will gives you as much control as a dedicated server. It also has a separate physical computer privacy and can be configured to run specific server softwares.

Often intermediate users, developers, and medium sized bloggers utilize Virtual Private Server to scale their websites. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, then you have to purchase a managed VPS. VPS Web hosting is best and suitable for high traffic blogs, medium-sized businesses, and aspiring developers/ designers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The WordPress Dedicated server is a server that you can lease from the WordPress hosting provider. This can allow you to have full control over the hosting server including the operating system, hardware etc.

If you do not a system administrator or don’t have any experience with servers, then we recommend you to get a managed dedicated server. These hosting providers offer managed dedicated servers employ system administrators that maintain your hosting servers. They also do software updates, server monitoring, and phone support etc. Dedicated Servers are suitable for extremely high traffic blogs

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Due to large number of users, few WordPress Web hosting providers offer managed WordPress hosting. These providers only allow you to host WordPress websites and nothing else. With this Managed Web Hosting, you don’t worry about anything. They optimize your WordPress website for performance, ensures your site security and keep regular backups.

Best Web Hosting Providers

The Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers List is provided here. Take a look on it and choose one of the perfect WordPress Hosting Providers for your website.


A2Hosting hosting is a well-known industry brand with reliable performance. The A2Hosting hosting is a user favorite with 99.9% uptime and award-winning technical support. Their unmatched U.S. support is always there to help. The A2Hosting Hosting is optimized for active bloggers and provides great scalability for your WordPress blog growth.


HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts and it hosts over 8 million domains. This HostGator is a smart choice for every site owner with one click WordPress installation, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee. We consider this HostGator as the best WordPress web hosting for your businesses.


The Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosts started in 1996. Now, Bluehost has become the largest brand when it comes to WordPress web hosting. This Bluehost is an official WordPress recommended hosting provider. If you choose Bluehost, then there is no need to worry about your WordPress site being slow even when there is a high traffic. The Bluehost provides 24/7 expert support to help by live chat, phone and email.


The company behind iPage has been started around for 20 years and known for making web hosting easy. You get one click WordPress install, custom dashboard, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and free SSDs which makes your WordPress website 200% faster. iPage powers over 600,000 WordPress websites and blogs.


SiteGround is one of the highest rated hosting provider with unique in-house WordPress speed and security. It make your website fast and secure. This SiteGround offers best 24/7 support in the WordPress Community. It has many features like automatic upgrades, one-click staging, built-in WP caching, CDN and GIT version control.


Choosing the right Web hosting for your WordPress site is the first step to achieve online success. We hope this article helped you to choose the best WordPress Hosting. Stay connected with us for getting Better Guidance on WordPress.

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