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Best and Latest PDF Plugins for WordPress


Best and Latest PDF Plugins for WordPress

WordPress unable generate or embed PDF files in WordPress posts or pages by default. So, you have to install a Best WordPress PDF Plugin on your site. The List of Best WordPress PDF Plugins is provided here. Read the article and pick one Best PDF plugin for your WordPress Website.

Top 10 Best WordPress PDF Plugins

There are various WordPress PDF plugins available for adding PDF files to your website. Choosing the best one from all PDF plugins is one of the difficult tasks. So, here we have provided the brief description about most useful top 10 WordPress PDF Plugins. Take a look at it and choose one popular and best PDF plugin for your WordPress website.

PDF Viewer Plugin

The PDF Viewer plugin can allow you to show PDF files inside your WordPress posts and pages. This PDF plugin uses Mozilla’s PDF.js script to render PDF documents with tools to search, scroll, jump between pages and download PDF files.

Vanilla PDF Embed WordPress Plugin

Vanilla PDF Embed is one of the Best WordPress PDF Plugins which offers many advanced features for their users. This Vanilla PDF Embed WordPress PDF plugin is freely available to embed a Pdf file on a web page in WordPress. To make this WordPress PDF plugin work, you have to install and upload the pdf file into your media library.

WP Advanced PDF Plugin

WP Advanced PDF Plugin will allow users to download PDF files from your WordPress post or page. By using this WordPress PDF Plugin, you can enable the PDF download for all your users or just for the registered users. This WP Advanced PDF Plugin allows you to use custom fonts and even add a watermark to your PDF files.

Google Doc Embedder WordPress PDF Plugin

Google Doc Embedder is one of the Best WordPress PDF plugins which offers the special features. It adds the functionality that the web browser doesn’t require any PDF or Flash browser plug-ins to make things work. This Plugin also works with MS Office file formats and offers a helpful extension.

PDF Image Generator Plugin

The PDF Image Generator is an advanced most popular WordPress plugin which allows you to create a PDF file cover image with the help of ImageMagick to download your WordPress posts. It can generate the PDF file image either using the WordPress Post featured image or the first page of the PDF.

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft WordPress Plugin

PDF & Print is one of the Best WordPress PDF plugins which can add a PDF download and PDF print button to your WordPress pages and posts. By using this PDF and Print by BestWebSoft Plugin, you can add your WordPress website title, featured image, fonts and custom styles. This WordPress pdf viewer plugin can also execute shortcodes while generating PDF files or creating friendly printer version

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

The WordPress PDF Light Viewer is good at embedding large PDF files. It uses Turn.js JavaScript library to show PDF files as flipbooks with the thumbnail navigation. This PDF Light Viewer has navigation, zoom, and fullscreen buttons. It is fully responsive and works on different device sizes.

DK PDF WordPress Plugin

The DK PDF is one of the Best WordPress PDF Plugins which allows users to download your WordPress pages and posts in PDF format by clicking on a single button. It has an easy interface to setup the placement of the button PDF download and creates your own custom footer and header for PDF downloads.

This PDF plugin comes with shortcodes which allow you to control the content goes inside the PDF. With this DK PDF WordPress Plugin, you can hide the content that you don’t want to include in PDF download.

PDF Embedder Plugin

The PDF Embedder WordPress plugin allows you to embed PDF files in WordPress Pages or Posts. This WordPress pdf viewer plugin uses JavaScript to embed PDF files with a fully functional toolbar. The Toolbar allows you to navigate, zoom and even download the PDF file.

Gravity PDF WordPress Plugin

The Gravity PDF is one of the Most popular and Best WordPress PDF Plugins which is the ultimate solution to generate digital PDF documents using WordPress and Gravity Forms. This WordPress plugin ships with four highly customizable PDF templates which are perfectly suited for displaying your data. With this Gravity PDF WordPress Plugin, you can personalize the PDF documents with your company logo, change the size, font, color and the paper size within seconds.


We hope this article helped you to show PDF files on your WordPress Posts or Pages. If you are WordPress Beginner then visit our site and Download Best WordPress Tutorials.

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