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Adding a YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress


Adding a YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

If you have a YouTube channel then you can get more subscribers by displaying a YouTube subscribe button on your WordPress website. Do you want to know how to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress? Here, we have provided the step by step process for you. Go through this article and add a YouTube subscribe button to get more subscribers.

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

There are two different ways to add a YouTube Subscribe Button. In this article, we have provided those 2 simple methods for you. Follow one of those methods and add a Button for YouTube Subscription.

Manually Add a YouTube Subscribe Button Code

  • Visit YouTube subscribe button page from Google Developer website.
  • Go to Configure a button section.
  • Enter your channel name.
  • Select a layout and theme.
  • Select subscriber count option.
  • The live preview of your YouTube button will display on the screen.
  • Next, copy the code.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin area.
  • Go to Appearance.
  • Click on Widgets option.
  • Drag and drop one text widget to your sidebar.
  • Next, paste the YouTube subscribe button code in that widget.
  • Save your changes.
  • Visit your WordPress website to see the YouTube subscribe button action.

Add YouTube Subscribe Button by using a WordPress Plugin

You can also use a WordPress Plugin to add a YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress. This is also one of the easiest ways for adding YouTube Subscribe Button. Follow the step by step process to add a Button for YouTube Subscription.

  • First, install and Activate the WordPress Plugin YouTube Subscribe Button.
    • How to install and Activate YouTube Subscribe Button plugin?
      • Login to your WordPress admin area.
      • Click on Plugins option.
      • Click on the Add New Button.
      • Enter “YouTube Subscribe Button” in plugin search field.
      • Now, the YouTube Subscribe Button WordPress Plugin appears on the screen.
      • Next, click on the install button from that YouTube Subscribe Button Plugin.
      • Now, the YouTube Subscribe Button is successfully installed on your site.
      • After the Plugin installation completed, click on the activate button.
      • Now, the YouTube Subscribe Button is Activated on your website.
  • Next, navigate to Appearance » Widgets.
  • Drag and drop the widget of YouTube Subscribe Button to a sidebar where you want to show the button.
  • The widget has all configuration options of the official YouTube subscribe button.
  • Now, you have to provide your channel name.
  • Next, choose a theme and layout.
  • Save your settings.
  • Finally, visit your WordPress website to see the action of YouTube Subscribe Button.
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We think this article helped you to add a YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress. If you got any WordPress Error, refer our Best WordPress Tutorials and get a simple solution. You can also get guidance on how to add a Download Button to WordPress Media File from here.

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