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Blogging for money has changed: here is how a smart blogger can profit in 2019


Blogging for money has changed: here is how a smart blogger can profit in 2019

The number of internet years you work online, you can sure that the experience you gain will be different from what you will meet tomorrow. The dog or cat years are shorter than the internet years. You will get roughly 10 years for every year that you get to work online. Of all the inventions that the human mind has invented, internet is the platform that is faced with such huge evolution and change. The impact of internet cannot be overemphasized since it has played immense role in the development of the information technology in the world. Bloggers who began their online work in the last 20 years or so are feeling that they have been ion the system for so long that they are beginning to get old. This is in comparison with the younger generation whose mind is changed and well advanced in terms of new things that the old generation cannot.

What never changes?

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