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WordPress, like many other CMS’s, stores MySQL username and password in a configuration file, in WP case, wp-config.php. Although WP
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If you are looking for commercial professional themes for your WordPress sites, Genesis Frame and Child Themes are highly recommended.
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In a way to make things easier for novice or new WordPress users, some plugins, such as WordPress Mobile Pack,
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Everyone needs a SEO, either a SEO plugin or a DIY SEO. Plugins are good but you don’t know if
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If you are experiencing http error when uploading media files, you can add the following codes into .htaccess # Exclude
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WP’s default timeout is set at 25 seconds. If you constantly experience timeout errors, you can increase it by
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We’ve seen numerous WordPress installations that have been hacked where the hackers have uploaded secret files into the wp-content and wp-includes folders that are
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Some of you WordPress site owners who are very particular about your images and image quality may have noticed that
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By default WordPress links images that are inserted into a post to their attachment page URL.  This page can have
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