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Looking for An Email Relay Solution? Try These…


Looking for An Email Relay Solution? Try These…

Email relay is the process of transferring an email from one server to another for email delivery. The process of one server accepting an email from another is called relaying. 

What is an Email Relay?

Mail relay is often referred to as an e-mail server, a device and/or program that routes an e-mail to the correct destination. Mail relays are typically used within local networks to transmit e-mails among local users, for example, all of the student and faculty e-mail of a college campus.

Mail relays are particularly useful in e-mail aliasing where multiple e-mail addresses are used but the mail relay forwards all messages to the specified e-mail addresses to one single address. A mail relay is different from an open relay, where an e-mail server processes a mail message that neither originates or ends with a user that is within the server’s local domain (i.e., local IP range).

Using Open Relays for Sending Bulk Emails

Setting up your own SMTP server can be complicated and can take a significant amount of time. The security issues and ending up in the spam folder of your audience can pose a huge problem when sending bulk emails. As many email services have placed high grade spam protection and an email sent from an open mail relay can or will be caught by one of those filters.

Let’s Look at Some SMTP Relay Service Providers 

These SMTP Providers listed down below are some best rated SMTP as a service providers out there.

  • Duocircle

Duocircle is one of the best email relay services out there who provide excellent deliverability with their advanced spam filtering features. You can also reliably send your emails if your IP is on an RBL or a blacklist with their multiple delivery ports.

They use DKIM Signing and SPF Validation to make sure that your email does not end up in the spam folder.

  • Mailgun

A popular service for developers, Mailgun SMTP has powerful API’s that make it easy to send, track and receive emails. An easy to scale service. They use SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate the domain name and ensure that your email ends up in the inbox.

A simple dashboard that helps you track and analyze your campaigns on the number of clicks, bounce rates and other data.

  • SMTP

SMTP has been a leader in the email relay service business for a long time. They have a scalable email sending service that is great for both businesses and developers. They have a great reputation among mailboxes and secured sending with their DKIM, SPF and DMARC authentication standards.

Their powerful API’s are great for developers which can be implemented easily 

  • SendGrid

SendGrid is a cloud based SMTP service that provides bulk emailing service with great deliverability and has a lot of other features. If you have a wordpress website, you can integrate it seamlessly with their wordpress plugin.

SendGrid offers complete analytics and real time feedback on every email that you send.


Choosing an email relay solution can be a tough decision to take as there are hundreds out there. The ones listed above have proven to be the best email relay services out there. We hope this article helped you find the best email relay service for your business.

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