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Top 10 Reasons to Use Jetpack with WordPress


Top 10 Reasons to Use Jetpack with WordPress

It’s easy to assume WordPress will do everything you want it to right out of the box? But next to no software offers everything. That’s why plugins are so vital. They add to the functionality of WordPress. In this way, Jetpack fills in the missing holes and adds even more to the best content management platform that already powers 38% of the Internet.

In this post, we’re going to talk about Jetpack – its features and uses, and how it proves helpful for building a fancy-featured blog or website. Long story short, Jetpack offers more than 31 built-in features to help you perform all those must-do tasks – from hardening security to writing and publicizing your content. Best of all, Jetpack costs zero dollars for any kind of use – personal and business. Now, that’s enough intro, let’s check it out.

Jetpack is a Single Plugin with Multiple Features

Jetpack offers numerous features packed in a single WordPress plugin. Offering more in just one plugin, it minimizes the requirement of installing multiple plugins to get multiple features. Moreover, its features are easy to manage when compared to other plugin’s settings.

Using a number of plugins together may deteriorate your site’s performance; however, Jetpack works as a standalone tool and minimizes performance overhead in comparison to other plugins. You can also opt-out of features you don’t require, minimizing the server load even more.

Jetpack is Offered by Automattic

Jetpack is the official tool from Automattic, who leads the development of WordPress and backs as well as This simply means that this plugin is built from the ground-up by the WordPress professionals with security and performance in mind.

With Jetpack, Automattic tries to reach self-hosted WordPress ( blogs and websites and offers the very same features that are available to the users. Moreover, with every update, Automattic provides new features and fixes to enhance the plugin.

Jetpack offers Centralized Remote Management

Jetpack works as a centralized remote server on all your Jetpack-enabled blogs and sites, enabling you to access and manage them remotely from any place on any device. The only requirement is to install the Jetpack plugin and enable the ‘Site Management’ feature on your blog.

From a single dashboard like or Calypso apps for desktops and mobile, you can access and modify your site’s dashboard, view and edit posts, pages, comments and more. Additionally, you can even manage menus, themes, and plugins, and change settings of all Jetpack-connected sites.

Jetpack Delivers Images Through Photon CDN

Jetpack offers Photon, a powerful content delivery network by that delivers your site’s images faster on all devices. Photon works without needing to make manual changes to your site’s code or database, and lets readers enjoy quick-loading images in their original resolutions.

Photon also serves responsive images (without any manual configuration) and makes equal efforts in loading them efficiently on different devices. This way, Jetpack speeds up page loading times, helps your site achieve better mobile-friendliness rankings and enhances the user experience of your blog’s users.

Jetpack Enables URL Shortening

Jetpack enables the URL shortening service,, to convert long addresses to short links in your posts or pages. Shortlinks are an effective way to keep your links shorter and simpler to help you save character count in SMS, instant messengers like WhatsApp and social networks like Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to express your thought and links in less words. is’s own link shortening service that Jetpack offers to’s users to efficiently create and share their blog links on the Internet. Jetpack is smart enough to automatically cut down a long permalink whenever people share it using the social share buttons on your site.

Jetpack Protects Against Attacks and Hacks

Jetpack secures your site from brute-force attacks and distributed attacks. It uses botnet’s security features that work automatically as you activate the plugin’s ‘Protect’ feature. Its botnet protection also secures your site from malicious attacks and blocks unwanted logins, which means your blog or site gets security from ill-will computer experts who try to get access to other people’s important data.

Every notable action is automatically logged by Jetpack, hence you can view the attempted logins from your site’s dashboard and whitelist trusted IPs if the plugin recognizes them as false positives. Moreover, you can totally place your trust in the WordPress creators – the Automattic team.

Jetpack Offers Tools for Traffic Growth and Analysis

Jetpack provides content distribution tools on top of WordPress’s awesome SEO features such as search engine listings, ping service and more. These modules enable automatic listing and sharing of your posts on and social media sites. They also allow visitors to share your posts easily, leading to greater site traffic and better revenues.

Jetpack allows users to subscribe to your blog or site to receive email notifications for updates. Moreover, you can show related posts below your posts’ content to improve user engagement and decrease bounce rates. The modules also offer easy integration with Google Webmaster Tools to help you achieve more.

Jetpack Brings Features

Jetpack was developed to bring the stylish features to users aka self-hosted sites. It brings several of the premium features to the self-hosted WordPress installations for free such as remote management, site monitoring & reports and built-in traffic stats, etc.

Jetpack summarizes the traffic reports with clear and concise statistics, and its remote management allows you to manage your blog or site from or its apps for desktops and smartphones. In short, Jetpack makes your WordPress a competitive alternative to

Jetpack Includes Markdown Support for Posts

Markdown is a well-known quick and easy way to write rich texts without the need to learn complex codes and shortcuts as required in reStructuredText. Jetpack’s support for Markdown (for writing posts, pages and comments) allows you to use rich text and regular characters side-by-side without leaving the main editor view and going for style & formatting options in the text editor.

Markdown can be used by activating the Jetpack’s ‘Markdown’ module. Markdown is super easy – special characters are used to denote styles in your content and it even works well with version control systems like Git and Perforce. If you’re unaware of Markdown tips and tricks, here’s a Markdown Guide especially made for beginners.

Jetpack Enables JSON APIs

Jetpack enables JSON APIs support that includes’s OAuth2 authentication system and REST API architecture to enable access to your site content through REST APIs. OAuth2 allows applications to connect securely and lets users manage their own connections – using their accounts’ credentials in the same way as someone would allow ‘Play Games’ to access his Google Account’s information.

REST APIs are the future of inter-app communication, and this lets you and your users use WordPress app from desktops and mobiles by making a one-time authorization. These APIs make it easy to build an app to access your website including posts and configuration. For example, Calypso, the new, uses WordPress APIs to help you manage your WordPress right from your desktop or smartphone.

What is your favourite reason to opt for Jetpack? Do you know any other WordPress plugin offering so many features? Kindly let us know via the comments section below.

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