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Is WooCommerce the right solution for your online stores?


Is WooCommerce the right solution for your online stores?

With time, WooCommerce is growing increasingly more popular among e-commerce sites. Fundamentally WooCommerce is an open-source plugin. That’s mainly designed to ease individuals or companies who wish to market their products online. WordPress site can be turned into an incredible online shop with the help of WooCommerce plugins. Some added supportive extensions out of the WordPress community provide you total flexibility and control to take your e-commerce site into an entirely new e-commerce site. The research of, there are now 1 million+ active Installations of WooCommerce, so WooCommerce is known as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Who can start WooCommerce? 

  • If you’re interested in starting an e-commerce company but have to do this on a strict budget, we’d suggest WooCommerce, since it could be an extremely inexpensive choice.
  • Anyone using a computer can begin within a subject of Moments and without obtaining any particular skills.
  • Any single person or company that’s looking for a flexible and adaptive e-commerce platform to get their small business.
  • Anyone who desires complete control over site data. With numerous attributes like tracking functionality, visitor’s investigation widgets in-dash, it is easy to track virtually everything.
  • Any WordPress user that only wants to add some extra features on their site to have somewhat more control over the website and its data.

Should I go with it?

If you’re among the individuals mentioned above or you feel these are the characteristics or rewards you need on your e-commerce platform, you should go with WooCommerce. There’s no problem on this platform if you have decided to begin your company on the internet or upgrade it. In case if you think it tough to start, then you can contact some team of specialist WooCommerce programmers, and they’ll find the job completed for you.

Why should I use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce was established nine years ago in 2011, and ever since that time, it’s become a favorite platform. The achievement of WooCommerce lies at the hands of a strong team of programmers that functions continuously for its improvement. The principal reason for the popularity is its own open-source and customizable character. You may download, use, and alter it at no cost and enlarge the simple functionality of this WooCommerce plugin.

Additionally, you may utilize WooCommerce with no learning how to code. It’s simple to use it as a newcomer. But if you would like to go to another level, you can hire WooCommerce Development Services. Becoming free and accessible, it’s utilized by over 42 percent of internet shops throughout the world. This bewitching plugin allows you to market physical in addition to electronic products, handle inventory and shipping, take safe payment, and much more.

Advantages of WooCommerce:

WooCommerce has come to be popular among the trade web site owners or eCommerce web programmers. It needs to be recalled; it is merely a WordPress, maybe not an entire content management system. Being an open-source platform, WooCommerce is available to all, and it’s free. WooCommerce indeed, the startup business with its cost-effectiveness attribute. One of the major advantages of WordPress is its community and the thousands of plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that can easily incorporate with WooCommerce. Many of them are free, and top notch as well. There are plugins to enable functionalities that may seem simple, but which has a very big impact on the outcome, for eg. the WooCommerce checkout field editor, which helps the website owners to manage (add, edit, hide) the default checkout form fields of WooCommerce. There are also other plugins like WooCommerce product options, which helps in customizing the fields in the product detail page and to collect additional information from the buyers while they make purchases. These plugins in turn help in providing a personalized customer experience, which can eventually increase the conversion rates and the ROI.

Apart from the plugins and the community, which is the backbone of WordPress, here are a few of the advantages of WooCommerce:

  • It’s free to download and comparatively cost effective to get customized.
  • No recurring cost to the service provider, compared to the other hosted ecommerce solution providers.
  • Access to numerous analysis programs to quantify different specs of client or customer’s information and merchandise functionality.
  • Customer retention is crucial for every business, and WooCommerce permits you to perform it naturally.
  • WooCommerce is compatible with mobile phones, and you do not need to worry about producing different versions
  • Customer care is good, and their service team is always readily available to assist with everything (for the paid version of WordPress).
  • A flexible delivery option in WooCommerce enables you to deliver more straightforward and quicker orders over the country or anywhere on earth.
  • Marketing features allow you to advertise your shop easily

Disadvantages of WooCommerce:

WooCommerce has some notable problems too. First of all, users must understand that this isn’t a complete e-commerce content management program but a WordPress plugin. But, the installation of WooCommerce is instead a simple undertaking. WordPress includes an installation wizard, and consumers need to follow along with the wizard’s information to set up this plugin for e-commerce development.

  • Learning curve: As we know it’s an open-source stage, that’s why you have to learn some coding information
  • Maintenance: While all-in-one e-commerce programs manage everything from web hosting to website safety and much more, this onus is on you with WooCommerce.
  • WordPress-reliant: If you are not familiar with WordPress, you can’t be able to use WooCommerce.
  • Customer service: When there are lots of internet tools that will assist you in installing your WooCommerce shop and troubleshoot any problems, there’s absolutely no conventional customer support number you can reach out to for assistance.


WooCommerce provides simple entry to the e-commerce marketplace, particularly for people who already run a WordPress site. With such a low price, we recommend trying it for size. As you get started researching paid extensions, however, keep your eye on the entire amount. It could make more fiscal sense to decide on another WordPress e-commerce plugin or a different e-commerce platform entirely.

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