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MilesWeb Review: Is This Unlimited Web Hosting Provider Any Good in 2020?


MilesWeb Review: Is This Unlimited Web Hosting Provider Any Good in 2020?

Basically, unlimited web hosting refers to the ability to use the resources at your disposal in an infinite way. You get unlimited disk storage, unlimited disk transfer and addon domain name capacity for free. Web developers need unlimited hosting specifically. This is because they get an opportunity to host the website without worrying about its size. With unlimited hosting, one can comfortably host their website without worrying about it being suspended or needing to pay more charges that may be hidden. Website can be hosted with the agreed amount without paying anything extra. Unlimited hosting plans sometimes come with the restriction of some set rules and some limitations that may have been set up. The reason is that it may difficult for a web host to offer infinite server resources without charging anything. Most of the webmasters won’t need such a big space to host their website. They just need small space to host their website.

The webhosts offer unlimited service as they are aware that due to their large hosting capacities, they won’t be able to utilize the space completely. So they need to offer the unlimited hosting for the spaces to be occupied. Many of them select the unlimited web hosting based on their needs. For those whose websites are not too big and don’t require too much RAM and CPU selecting the unlimited hosting would be of great help. This is because they will be able to have enough resources and they won’t need to pay high prices for the website.

Let’s now check the review of one of the top unlimited web hosting providers of Australia.

MilesWeb in Brief

MilesWeb was founded in India in 2012, and serves over 16000 customers today. Since then they have become one of the leading providers of web hosting services and is an independent web hosting company. MilesWeb offers a solid range of products that cover all the core hosting essentials: shared hosting, cheap cPanel hosting, unlimited hosting, a drag-and-drop website builder, cloud and VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and more.

Reliability and Performance

There is no web host that will guarantee 100% uptime. With this being the condition, you’ll want to opt for something in the 99.95-99.99% range, which is equal to between 50 and 150 minutes of downtime per year.

Now, MilesWeb has a lot of strengths and uptime is one of them. They provide you 99.95% uptime with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters. Uptime is particularly important for hosting an ecommerce site, as the more downtime you experience, the less sales you’ll be able to make. Good uptime matters a lot and also it is a make-or-break factor for ecommerce sites.

Unlimited Web Hosting and Features

MilesWeb offers unlimited web hosting to host your website seamlessly when it continues to grow. So, you can stop worrying about your website’s performance with unlimited web hosting plan.

You get the below features with their unlimited web hosting plans:

Register Your Free Domain: It is very easy to build your web presence. You can register a domain name for free for your brand new business or you can even transfer your existing domain to them for free. They offer a free .com domain with their Swift and Turbo web hosting. You can just sign up for of the web hosting plan you select and register your free domain.

Free Website Migration: Are you ready to move your site to MilesWeb? Not sure about moving the files without any data loss? MilesWeb will do this for you at free of cost. Contact their team of technical experts and let them know that you want to migrate the website to their servers. They will ensure that the migration is hassle-free. You don’t need to download your files from the old server and upload to their servers.

Free Site Builder: They offer an in-built site builder tool so that you can build your website for free. This eliminates the hassle of finding a web developer and investing money in web development. With this, you can instantly launch your website.

SSD Storage: All the web hosting plans at MilesWeb come with SSDs which help in storing the data instantly. SSDs use flash technology to store data and this improves your website’s performance by 200%.

Secure Email Accounts: You can quickly and easily access your email with secured IMAP/POP3 accounts. Emails can be accessed from anywhere and at any time with the help of webmail. Webmail gives you the access to three clients – Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube.

cPanel Control Panel: cPanel allows you to manage your website with the help of easy-to-use web-based graphical interface. Tasks can be performed quickly, easily and reliably with the help of cPanel. It allows you to create FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, etc.

1-Click Installer: It is possible to install apps in just a single click with their one-click installer tool. Over 400 applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. can be installed with Softaculous.

Instant Account Setup: Your account gets setup instantly when the payment is confirmed. A welcome email will be sent to you which might contain the login details of your cPanel They offer cost-effective web hosting with instant setup.

Latest PHP and MySQL: You will get everything that you require to get started with your website. Their web servers are configured with the most stable and highly compatible versions of PHP and MySQL.

Datacenter Choice: You can select the datacenter of your choice from the different locations offered by them. So, select the server location nearer to your target audience from India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore.



Free SSL Certificate: When you go for online shopping, you are first concerned about online security. MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate for your website and this helps in building trust for anyone visiting your website. You get Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed on your website without any additional cost.

Malware Scan & Removal: They provide malware scan and removal tool that helps in finding out the malware or virus on your website and remove it immediately when detected.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached via live chat and email. Check below their customer reviews:

MilesWeb Review: Final Thoughts

Offering great value for money and a strong selection of features, MilesWeb has become a competitive choice on the market. So, don’t think too much and sign up for their unlimited web hosting plans.

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