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5 of the Best WordPress Button Plugins for 2020


5 of the Best WordPress Button Plugins for 2020

Buttons plugins are a great and easy way to add this important element to your WordPress posts and pages. a few years back you had to to have some kind of technical skills to create buttons but this is no longer the case.

We bring you here the top wordpress button plugins you can use in 2020. many of them offer many different size options, change colors , icons and more.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Forget About Shortcode Buttons is totally free to use WP plugin. this plugin allow you to quickly add buttons to posts and pages. this include many different button sizes and many colors to pick from and other.

Standout CSS3 Buttons

Yet another freebie plugin to create buttons on your site, you can add the buttons using a PHP code or short codes. The buttons have many different style to choose from.

MaxButtons: WordPress Button Generator

MaxButtons is a great choice for your WordPress buttons needs. there is a color picker that you can easily customize to your specific needs. in addition you can create many different button styles, shadows and more.

Font Awesome Icons + Bootstrap Buttons

Font Awesome Icons + Bootstrap Buttons is a button builder for WordPress which features Bootstrap framework utilization, and more.

WP CSS3 Button Creator

This button create plugin you can generate many different kind of button styles, you can easily change colors,shadows,button sizes and more. another cool feature on this plugin that you can change style for hover,normal and pressed states – that is something we don’t see a lot on buttons plugins. this give you lots of control on your button function which we liked a lot.

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