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WordPress for Beginners 2020 – Amazon Kindle e-book Review

WordPress for Beginners 2020 ebook review


WordPress for Beginners 2020 – Amazon Kindle e-book Review

What is WordPress for Beginners 2020: A Visual Step by Step Guide to Mastering WordPress? 

WordPress for Beginners 2020 is the best book for beginners coming to terms with WP. It has lots of essential information from how to create a blog, look for a host as well as add plugins. Also there are some tips for novice and skilled alike.

This is a concise and simple guide for beginners to WordPress created by Dr. Andy Williams. Andy is an extremely active member of WP community and very familiar about this subject matter. In this guide, Andy takes readers from zero to up and working in no time.

Target Audience 

The WordPress for Beginners 2020: A Visual Step by Step Guide to Mastering WordPress is perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Non-Profits
  • Business Owners
  • Users
  • Users

This is a cheap and easy way to get started in using WordPress. Andy will take you easily and clearly through the following:

  • Creating a WP blog including hosting, installing as well as selecting a name
  • Creating posts and pages
  • Writing engaging blog posts
  • Categories and tags
  • Widgets and plugins
  • Selecting a theme
  • Working with videos and images

What to Expect from WordPress for Beginners 2020? 

Inside this book you will learn many important things such as the 2 diverse WordPress version, web hosting and domain registrar, how to install WP in an easy and stress way as well as an overture of the dashboard which take account of how to look for hidden items.

This guide will also teach you how to clean out the stuff which is setup by default and finding as well as installing themes to change instantly the look and feel of a site.

This guide will also give thorough details concerning how to update WordPress, plugins as well as themes. This also gives you a clear guide on every single Dashboard settings, what you must use, what they do in the settings of the site.

This also shows you how to find and utilize the RSS feeds on your website to assist Google find your content. This also shows the value of users profile as well as how to allocate a Gravatar image to email address.

With this guide, you will know how to make great navigation system on your website with internal linking, custom menus as well as associated post sections, along and dealing with comments as well as utilizing media library for video, images and so much more.

Other Essential Things You will learn from this Guide

  • The huge difference between posts and pages as well as an easy way to understand which one you must be utilizing for every bit of content your post on your site.
  • Efficient application of tags and categories. Utilizing these wrongly could get your website penalized or banned from Google and other search engines.
  • How to make posts and how to schedule them so they’ll be posted in the future
  • Utilizing post revisions
  • 2 diverse kinds of homepage
  • This guide doesn’t focus on any specific WP theme rather it educates you how to get used to WP so you can select and utilize any WP theme you want.

Why Choose WordPress for Beginners 2020: A Visual Step by Step Guide to Mastering WordPress? 

A lot of people learn well once they can really see that they’re reading about. This guide has lots of screenshots of just about 250, showing precisely what you’ll see on the screen and leading you to take particular actions as you master WP.

WordPress has lots of steep learning curve and with this guide you will not even notice it. Every chapter comes with “Task to Complete” part. Completing this task will help you become proficient with WP and you’ll be confident at utilizing WP.


In general, the WordPress for Beginners 2020: A Visual Step by Step Guide to Mastering WordPress is an extremely thorough yet so easy to read and understand guide to WordPress. This is ideal for beginners, on the other hand there are many essential information included in this book that can be very beneficial for skilled.

It is relatively valuable. So, if you are a beginner in WordPress, grab it now. With WordPress for Beginners 2020: A Visual Step by Step Guide to Mastering WordPress the whole thing will be easier for you.

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