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7 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins in 2020


7 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins in 2020

If you’re running a WordPress blog, you may be aware that there’s huge list of plugins which you can utilize with this script. These WordPress plugins modify the way that WP runs and add in functionality which makes the whole thing a little bit better. Here are some must have WP plugins that you must consider utilizing when you’re running WordPress.

1. Duplicate Post

With millions of downloads, Duplicate Post offers the easiest and simplest means to clone pages and post on your site. With one click of the mouse, you can instantly duplicate posts, make sure drafts, and copy to a latest draft on your web content. After making the needed modifications, just press the publish button and that’s it. You can limit the plug-in to specific types of posts, and just let specific users as well as roles to copy pages or posts on your website.

2. JetPack 

This WordPress plugin does many things and does it rightly and flawlessly. This is an all in one plugin which assists you easily administer your site due to its centralized dashboard. This is equipped with tools for traffic expansion, safety tracking, image and speed optimization, and leads to better website performance.

It aids you to efficiently secure your website opposed to hacking and illegal logins, and stays the plug-in updated along the way. JetPack also comes with great features like contact forms, CSS, subscriptions as well as notifications.

3. One Click Plug-in Updater

Perhaps you hate to keep you plugs updated one by one. A lot of plug-ins has many updates a month and updating them could be daunting. One click plugin make the whole process easier through providing you the choice to update the entire plugins in just one click of the mouse. This is a huge timesaver once you get yourself utilizing lots of plugins.

4. WordPress Database Backup

You will never know when some adverse accident might befall your website. If you have a large blog of and when it is hacked and lost your entire database and you didn’t have a backup database, this is a nightmare. What you will do is to create the whole thing from scratch that will take you days and even months. With WordPress Database Backup, you could get it to make automatic backups as well as mail it to you on a regular basis.

5. W3 Total Cache 

This plugin takes your website performance to a higher level through integrated caching. This plug in supports CDN or Content delivery network that minimizes download time, enhances website performance as well as conversation rates and leads to a better user experience. It also positively affects the search engine ranking, most essentially for websites that is user-friendly.

W3 Total Cache enhance web server and aids efficiently sustain high traffic time.

6. WP Greet Box

There is nothing like browsing a website or blog and being welcome by the publisher or the owner. Luckily, you can make a welcome message on your website with the help of WP Greet Box plugin. This WP plugins allows you make and show a welcome message on the bottom or top of every post. Giving a personalized greeting or proposal is a remarkable way to establish connection with the readers and enhances your exposure.

7. All in One Security and Firewall

This is a user-friendly and comprehensive plugin that will put in additional level of safety for the website. It does a full security tracking, and check website against malware, vulnerabilities as well as force logins attacks. This also comes with super powerful tools which assist you track all user accounted and attempted logins, make strong passwords, strengthen the file security system, schedule automatic backups as well as blacklist user based on IP addresses. The powerful firewall features will stop cruel scripts before prior to heat the websites code.

Final words  

Selecting the best WP plugin for your site is really significant to bring an astonishing experience for your users. Do not just choose any plugin; first know why you want a plugin. Focus on your needs and then add a plugin to your WordPress website. The right plugin will certainly take your site to a higher level.

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