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How to Add Web Push Notifications to Your WordPress Site

Add push notifications to WordPress


How to Add Web Push Notifications to Your WordPress Site

As we all know, notifications never stop popping in your screen all day. It is an indication that someone has viewed your post or somebody messaged you. Notifications today do not only invade your smartphones or tablets but it can also come to your desktop without you knowing it and this is called web push notifications.

As you can observe, when you visit a website but do not open on the browser you are using, notifications will come and sometimes it contains messages like the updates of the site.

Well, you can now also use web push notifications on your WordPress. Yes! If you are someone who owns a WordPress and would want to let the audience be informed of your whereabouts or latest updates, then a web push notification is a must.

Web push notifications have been changing the way of notifying the visitors in WordPress. It is one successful way of informing the visitors quickly.

Reasons to have Web Push Notifications

Today, informing a great audience is now made easy. There are a lot of means being used to make information dissemination effective. If you want your visitors in WordPress to be the first one to know your latest updates, then web push notifications are advisable. This is one of the successful ways that you can do to make your visitors be aware.

Aside from effective delivery of updates, there are still other reasons that will convince you to have push notifications in your WordPress.

Improve traffic of the site – every website owner would want to make their website be visited by lots of users which enables the website to receive more traffic. Just like in WordPress, the higher the traffic, the better. So, if you want to improve the traffic of your WordPress, the having push notifications is the best choice since because only catches the bait of interesting contents and posts.

Engagement – push notifications can help in enhancing the engagement between you and the visitors since once it reaches the user; it is required for it to open the notification in order to get a glimpse of the content. With this, you can communicate with your audience directly since it does not have any hindrances which can block your communication with them.

Increase the views of the page – push notifications can help you make your audience have a view of your WordPress since it encourages the users to visit your site once they received the notification.

How can you add web push notifications in your WordPress?

Sending a web push notification does not happen in a stand-alone manner. You must have a plugin which enables you to send notifications to your users.

If you want to add push notifications to your site, here are the plugins that you can use to make it happen and make the information dissemination fast and easy.


This plugin is one of the most renowned plugins used for web push notifications. It allows you to have a push notification in your WordPress by installing the plugin to your browser and activating it, the plugin will be added to your site in an instant. If you are using FireFox or Chrome, you don’t have to worry because PushCrew can support both. With this plugin, you can send notifications to your latest post and can also send the notifications on the time you prefer. Also, customization is possible so you can target your audience.


This is another plugin that you can add to your WordPress site which enables you to have web push notifications. Once you downloaded OneSignal, the best plugin, you can install it to your WordPress site and can also perform the setup. This plugin notifies the audience once you have posted a new content or post in your site and is compatible with different browsers.

Not only that, OneSignal will also notify the audience who did not visit your website for some days. Whether the visitor is browsing your website or not, the notifications can still be received. On the other hand, OneSignal allows you to send push notifications to your target audience and can be categorized to times of visit and language used.

WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification

WebEngage is another plugin that you must use if you want to add web push notifications in your WordPress site and would want a multi-language website. This plugin will let you send customized notifications, conduct surveys and collect feedback from your visitors. Also, the schedule of the notifications can also be arranged. WebEngage has its own monitoring tools which will let you have a look at the performance of the push notifications. You can send the notifications to your target audience depending on their URL patterns, geography, time spent, cookie, and more.

Desktop & Mobile Push Notification System

This is another plugin that you can install in your WordPress site to add web push notifications. The plugin can work in all browsers and is also compatible with different devices like Blackberry, Android, and Windows. With this plugin, you can send desktop notifications to your visitors.

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