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The Anatomy Of Great WordPress Theme


The Anatomy Of Great WordPress Theme

There is no one WordPress theme in existence that can suit all websites. That is why there is a great variety of websites in existence in which, business owners, organizations, and bloggers can use. So, how do you go about choosing a WordPress theme that you will be certain that it will serve your business?

Herein, we are going to explore the anatomy of every great WordPress theme and hopefully set you on a path to investing in the best WordPress for your business.

#1. Responsive Design

The responsiveness of the website design is one of the main attributes to consider when purchasing or opting for a design (in-case you use a freemium design). The level of responsiveness of the theme you use will influence the kind of user experience that your traffic will enjoy. In turn, this will influence whether you retain your traffic or not.

Equally important to user experience is the issue of ranking on search engine. Generally, WordPress-based websites are loved by search engines for their simplicity in design. However, you should ensure that you use the most responsive theme developed for your niche, with close scrutiny to the responsiveness in mobile browsing. This will improve your ranking even further.

#2. Browser Compatibility

Closely related to responsiveness is browser compatibility. You should only use themes that are cross-browser compatible. Since your traffic will use different browsers including Google’s Chrome, Fire Fox’s Mozilla, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer, you want your website to be viewable from all these browsers.

#3. High-Quality/Valid Coding & SEO Friendliness

You should use themes that are SEO friendly and themes that use valid codes. This ensures that it is easy to rank on search engines with ease. Additionally, beyond the state of the theme itself, you should use high-quality plugins that are coded in the right manner.

#4. Ease Of Customization

You should only use themes that are easy to customize. The pull towards using WordPress is because it is easy to use and customize, while still producing desirable websites.

If a theme necessitates spending more money for customization, it loses its fundamental appeal and makes it costlier to use than it should be. The theme you opt to use should be customizable from the dashboard without having intricate coding knowledge and skills.

Other factors you should consider include stellar design and optimal functionality and the theme producer should provide technical support, tutorials, and or documentation, thus improving the usability of the theme.


SteadyIncome is a newly revamped theme from MyThemeShop that’s professional and engaging, designed to make you and your site look authoritative and dependable. The theme was initially released a little over a year ago, but it just received a massive overhaul, bringing the framework and feature list up to date and keeping this a modern theme.

The theme’s engaging design, clean and carefully optimized layout, and list of subscription features is a powerful combination to help increase your viewer base, and it also comes with the WP Subscribe Pro plugin, further helping boost your brand. And with the AdSense optimization, SteadyIncome helps you maximize the profit earned.

The social media icons are right upfront and easy to see, quickly drawing people to your most important outlets, along with a social media widget that’s great for providing the full list if you have several. There’s also a slider for your partner’s icons, making it easy for people to find the companies or sites that help you out; which could encourage more people to partner with you.

It also has areas for featured products, featured and latest blog posts, and a related post widget. It comes with 10 widgets in total, providing you with a large range of features, as well as a subscription box for your own newsletter and a built-in rating system for your post, helping further engage your audience.

The theme is highly SEO optimized, and the breadcrumbs feature helps both search engines and your visitors get around your site. It also works with the Mega Menu, offering a wide range of navigation options, and the speed optimizations make your pages load quickly.

There’s a good degree of costomizability too, with unlimited background, sidebars, and colors, as well as shortcodes, typography options, font icons, and a powerful options panel. And the whole thing is responsive, so your design will look good on any device.

Overall SteadyIncome is an extremely solid and well rounded theme with a strong and well delivered focus on professionalism, branding, and growing a loyal audience.

You can get it at MyThemeShop for $59 (3 site license)

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