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7 Key Benefits of WordPress


7 Key Benefits of WordPress

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that we’re supporters of WordPress and that this may be somewhat biased. Biased as it may be though there are many benefits to using WordPress for your site and I’ll give you a quick snapshot of 7 key benefits of WordPress below. These benefits hold true regardless of the type of site you want to set up, be it an e-commerce site, a blog or brochure site. Right, let’s get into it.

7 Key Benefits of WordPress

    1. Ease of Use

      WordPress is a very user friendly platform and you can quickly learn the skills you need to be able to publish posts (like this), add portfolio items or make layout and navigation changes. This is a true story but I once trained a 78 year old on how to use WordPress and he picked it up in just a few hours – if he can do it, so can you. Undoubtedly the ease of use is a key benefit of WordPress and one not to be overlook when considering what platform to use for your site.

    2. Flexible CMS

      You might have first heard about WordPress in the context of blogging however that is no longer the case. Over the years the WordPress has expanded and it is now the No.1 CMS (content management system) on the planet and is flexible enough to allow you to power enterprise e-commerce, interactive support systems, forums, help boards, brochure sites – you name it, WordPress can pretty much do it.

    3. Wide Variety of Plugins for Tailoring

      As WordPress has grown and become the dominant CMS on the planet it follows that a lot of clever coders are going to flock to it. The benefit of WordPress here is that you then get access to a log of these plugins for free which you can use to tailor your site or add additional functionality without the need to be a clever coder.

    4. Lots of documentation and resources available

      This is probably an often overlooked benefit of WordPress but there is a wealth of information freely available all over the web on how to troubleshoot any WordPress problems you may have (not too mention all the great WordPress developers that can help you, cough ;)). If you are experiencing any issues with WordPress then odds are someone already has and that they’ve documented the solution.

    5. Inherently SEO friendly

      We’re big SEO geeks here and that is one benefit of WordPress that we tell all our clients. WordPress is inherently friendly for SEO and when using the proper plugins you can quickly make site wide SEO changes. This really is a key benefit of WordPress as before to make sitewide SEO changes was a really time consuming process – it still takes time using WordPress but is now more efficient and, crucially, more effective.

    6. Open Source and Continually Improving

      WordPress is an open source platform which is maintained by a passionate group of exceptionally competent coders who eat, sleep and breathe WordPress. The benefit here is that as the web and web standards continue to evolve then WordPress will involve with it. There are frequent updates to the WordPress core which improve its functionality, security and performance.

    7. Low Start Up Costs

      Traditional web design was expensive. Before becoming a developer myself I had to shell out big money to get some sites up and running. Now though, with WordPress, the barrier to entry has been dropped significantly as WordPress sites can be developed at very competitive prices (eg, our entry level WordPress site costs just €700!!) allowing you to put your resources into marketing rather than a 20k budget for a website that may never yield and ROI. We focus on the ROI and with low start up costs you can quickly realise a return for your business using WordPress.

7 Key Benefits of WordPress

Now, as mentioned at the start we’re somewhat biased about WordPress but even with the blinkers off there are numerous benefits of WordPress. We know these benefits are true as over the years we’ve helped many businesses get going on WordPress and the results have been phenomenal. We’ve helped business that were on the brink of closing down by just rebuilding their site using WordPress and applying some SEO and online marketing nous as well as empowering the business owner, via training or consultations, to keep the ball rolling.

What we’ve found is that once you give WordPress a go and see the benefits for yourself that you’ll be a convert for life. Preach it! 😉

If you need any WordPress related help or online marketing help then get in taouch!

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