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10 Music WordPress Themes for Bands, Singers, Musicians, and DJs


10 Music WordPress Themes for Bands, Singers, Musicians, and DJs

Trying to make it as a professional musician can be a slog. There are auditions to go to and gigs to book; flyers to put up on college campuses and practice sessions to attend. I mean, you’ve got to get every note just right, after all. But all musicians also need a website. And if you’re lacking in design skills (or time) the task of constructing one from scratch can be overwhelming. That’s where music WordPress themes come into play.

But the difficulty of building a website is no joke. And basic design issues are compounded by the fact that those who are musically inclined tend to need specific features on their sites like event calendars, robust contact forms, and attractive embedded music players. Lucky for you, there are plenty of music WordPress themes that check off each item on that list and then some.

Music WordPress Themes for Rocking Your Brand

All of the themes listed here fall into the premium category, but if it means you barely have to lift a finger to get a stylish site launched, the minor expense is worth it. Now onward!

Steve Cadey – WordPress Music Theme For Musicians, DJs, Bands and Solo Artists

Steve Cadey is a responsive WordPress theme for music and event sites that incorporates many perks and features. Its trendy design can not only meet the aesthetic standard but also live up to music industry’s demand. The glowing effects for flat button when hovering combined with amazing high contrast color will stretch your creativity and passion for music.

However, even excellent visual design is not enough for your website’s success. That’s the reason why Steve Cadey comes up with the all-in-one solution to your online music platform. It allows you to easily update news and music trend, introduce artists, embed videos and audio, and interact with your fan by blog. Moreover, it is integrated with WooCommerce to help you show events, sell albums, deliver event tickets and other products with ease. Compatible with all hand-held devices and web browsers, Steve Cadey promises to be a good assistant for your business.

Like a catchy melody sticking with you long after the last note is played, the stunning features of Steve Cadey will undoubtedly please the most demanding customers.


Harmony Band WordPress Theme

The Harmony Band WordPress theme has a clean customizable design that immediately draws the visitor into its content. In addition to what appears to be a fixed background with various backgrounds as you scroll down the page, you’ll notice that everything is organized so that it can be accessed right from the homepage.

While you do have a custom nav bar, right below it you will find an area to share the band’s most recent news and the first few dates on the show schedule. The section below that is where you can show off your stuff by uploading videos for each song the visitor clicks on. Scroll down a little more and you have a place to sell your band’s merchandise, followed by your media gallery and footer.

If you want to give hyper-organized access to everything your band has to offer on your homepage rather than just the navigation bar, this WordPress band theme will take you far. You have multi-browser compatibility, unlimited colors, secure code, excellent support, many theme options, and multiple page templates with this responsive theme.


Epron Music Theme

Whether for your band or just to express your love of music, the Music Theme has everything you need from a navigation bar across the top to a custom header. This dark theme that is easy on the eyes, allows visitors to play music from the site, view tour schedules, as well as share your latest blog posts.

This particular theme is ideal for those that need to update their information frequently, as the blog section makes up a significant portion of the homepage. Of course, you can limit the number of blog posts that you wish to share on the homepage, if any, but the blog can make up a great deal of the design if you want it to.

All in all, this is an attractive theme that puts a lot of information on the homepage without overwhelming the visitor. It has more of a side-by-side layout than it does a line-by-line, which is ideal when you want your visitors to get an eyeful at once. You also get responsive framework, retina optimization, WooCommerce compatibility, Gravity Forms compatibility, and shortcodes in this HTML5 and CSS3 constructed theme.


Music Hall

Music Hall is a retro WordPress music theme that integrates modern into a smooth surfing experience. It is retro in its fonts and original color scheme, but modern through its easy media integration and layout. This multi-browser compatible theme comes with unlimited color options and tons of theme options

When you scroll down past the customizable header and you go straight into uploaded music videos under a retro header. If you want to invoke a bit of inspiration in your visitor to get them to stick around, you can plug an inspirational quote in the next section. If you want to introduce your team or your band members, you can do so in the section below that and then flow right into your calendar before scrolling down to the portfolio. You will notice in the portfolio section that there is a place for a second menu that introduces visitors to completely different material than what the main navigation offers.

Below the portfolio is the blog in three columns rather than one. That way you can adequately introduce visitors to your blog and valuable information without the blog consuming the entire homepage. You have five different post types to choose from, parallax effects, shortcodes, and much more in this responsive theme.



Musik is a busy and highly customizable responsive music theme that gets to the point without an extravagant header or fancy navigation at the top. Instead, videos are presented right from the start. The next section is an area where you can introduce new albums, music videos, or other media.

In the right column of this two column design, you can introduce top artists or create another list that is important to you. This is such a pliable WordPress theme that you can do what you want.

But something you will notice about this music theme is that it caters to those looking to purchase music. Visitors can create an account, shop, add items to their shopping cart, and checkout. You can do many things with this theme, including easily download the digital files that you want to display on the site.

The theme is also easy to surf, as the navigation on the left tells what each icon means by mousing over each. Organize by genre, album, artist, video, or connect visitors with a unique community of music lovers. You have playlist support, four page templates, jPlayer, the ability to sell single albums or album bundles, and a long list of add-ons that allow you to make the site everything you need it to be.



Vice is a highly advanced music WordPress theme that is beautiful. The moment a visitor comes to your website, your favorite song can play while a video header plays on with your most beautiful video or images. But it doesn’t have to stop at just one song, as you can integrate an entire playlist with a shopping cart button so the visitor can buy the songs they like.

Share your favorite albums or your own, feature an artist you admire or feature yourself, let everyone know about your events on a beautiful map that just seems to work with this theme, share your podcasts, let everyone know what is happening, and customize the footer to direct people to the places you want them to go.

There are many features to this theme from the left-side navigation that allows you to sort by artist, genre, releases, and more to Lightbox galleries and Soundcloud integration. It’s a full page layout with a futuristic design and 10 page modules that allow you to have total control over your web presence.



The different theme options allow you to have the layout you want with JamSession. You have a full screen homepage with fixed scrolling and a built-in dual sliders. You can opt for a full on effect or, if you are more of a minimalist, you can go for a minimal effect. Either way, you have the opportunity to feature one of your band’s best photos.

The design is 100% responsive, you have access to a lot of custom colors, there are different menu layouts, the theme is widget ready, it’s child theme compatible, translation ready, and there are different post types. If you want to sell your band’s merchandise on the site, which you will most likely want to do, the theme is WooCommerce ready. Factor in YouTube and Vimeo support and you have the tools to create a total multimedia experience that highlights your band the way it is meant to be.



Decibel pops the moment the visitor lands on the page because they can be met with a large photo of you or your band that shows you know your stuff. The default theme layout and design is perfect for a rock band or solo artist looking to make an impact. However, there are different font, color, and layout options that make this theme suitable for any genre. This is a multi-browser compatible theme that is also compatible with WooCommerce and Visual Composer. It is widget ready with a responsive layout that will display across all device types.

So what you have are fun font options and the ability to upload songs to the Awesome Custom Player. You can also let visitors know about your upcoming events, show off your discography, and showcase everything that makes your band the one to listen to. Everything is at your fingertips so that you can get the music out there the way it is supposed to be.



Live! is a fluid and responsive WordPress theme that gives you unlimited customization options, WooCommerce compatibility, a show date calendar, a photos and video gallery, the ability to upload multiple playlists, and it is widget ready.

Because of the high customization of this design, you can make it as clean or as busy as you want it to be. You can opt for a two or three column design that allows you to place as much as possible on the homepage, catering to the visitor’s need for instant search gratification. Then again, you can put more focus on the background image and make the visitor scroll a little to get to the latest news, merchandise, upcoming shows, media, and even social media activity.

This is a theme that focuses on giving a lot of information right off the bat, but there is still the top navigation that allows a visitor to go directly to the interior pages of the site so they can get right to what they are looking for. This theme is band friendly and user friendly.



Poison is the name, but it is anything but because you are first met by a slider that allows you to upload stunning images that immediately captures the attention of the visitor. It is also very band friendly right from the start, as the visitor can select a demo or go directly to purchasing the music they want.

This theme doesn’t have a homepage that is as busy as many others out there. Much of the focus is appealing to visitors visually with the ability to easily navigate to other areas of the site. The theme is multi-browser compatible, Bootstrap compatible, and is highly responsive. Building is even made easy with an advanced drag and drop builder.

Other features include playlist integration, radio streaming, CSS3 animations, and Contact Form 7 compatibility. If you are looking for something that is visually appealing, yet fast to build, this may be the theme that you need.


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