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10 Stylish WordPress Themes for Capturing an Audience


10 Stylish WordPress Themes for Capturing an Audience

A lot of content exists on the web. Standing out from the crowd is hard enough on its own. Capturing an audience’s attention and maintaining that attention can seem downright impossible. However, stylish WordPress themes with well-designed blog post layouts can really make a difference.
Thousands of beautiful, modern and minimalist themes exist, but most of them feature plain single blog post layouts. If you really want to be heard among the white noise that makes up the Internet, you need a way to grab a reader’s attention and keep them engaged as they scroll through your post. Stylish WordPress themes complement your work to allow you to do just that.

Let’s get started with this list.

1. Divi

Divi is Elegant Theme’s premier WordPress product. It’s a WordPress theme powered by a built-in page builder plugin called the Divi Builder. This plugin gives anyone the power to design and build their own websites using pre-made layouts and a drag-and-drop layout builder that works on the front end.

What’s great about the Divi Builder is the fact that it also works in posts. This means you can use all of the page building layouts and elements the Divi Builder comes with to design and build custom posts featuring layouts and styles like no other.

The Divi Builder also comes with the Divi Library, which allows you to save any module or layout you build as a template. This will allow you to design different layouts for different post types and reuse them later at the click of a button.

The Divi theme is available to download for as little as $67/year when you purchase a Personal membership plan from Elegant Themes.


2. Uncode


Uncode is a multipurpose creative theme designed for numerous creative industries. It comes with over 30, well-designed demos, each of which feature a modern style on the minimalist side of things.

This theme includes a variety of different features you can use to create aesthetically-pleasing posts that keep audiences engaged. These include a large header image to welcome a reader, well-designed quotes, full width images, parallax scrolling effects and more.

This theme also comes with over a dozen layouts for portfolios and blogs, giving you a number of different styles to choose from. You’ll even be able to pick from different single post templates.

This theme is available on ThemeForest for $59.


3. Fevr

Fevr is another multipurpose creative theme that comes with a number of different demos. It’s a business theme designed for agencies, corporate businesses, e-commerce sites, bloggers and, of course, creatives. It comes with over 24 homepage concepts and a whopping 150+ page templates to import.

The blog comes with a full width layout you can use to create blog posts whose cutting-edge, minimalist design complements your words. It uses a full width header, a full width quote section with a background you can place anywhere throughout your post and parallax-scrolling effects.

The blog comes with many templates and layouts, allowing you to choose different templates for different types of blog posts. You can also create portfolios and use a number of different theme-specific elements to build pages.

This theme is available on ThemeForest for $59.


4. Ink

Ink is a dedicated blogging theme optimized for storytelling. It’s a simple theme that only comes with one homepage layout, but it’s still powerful and comes with a number of different features. These include customizable options in the live theme customizer and full compatibility with the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

It comes with a number of different blogging features that give it the ability to be the storytelling powerhouse that it is. This includes a hierarchy in the way certain text elements are displayed, such as an opening paragraph that’s larger than the rest of the text and a well-designed quote box.

You’ll also be able to pick from one of four post grid layouts and a few different single post layouts. This includes a post that uses a video cover rather than an image cover. You’ll even be able to customize cover image settings, such as the background color it uses, the opacity setting it uses and the filter it uses.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $44.


5. TheBlogger

TheBlogger is another dedicated blogging theme. This ones comes with numerous designs, each of which feature different styles. The preview image above uses the Eric design, and most of the designs are minimalist and feature artistic styles.

Single blog posts come with different styles and layouts you can use to create inspiring and truly engaging pieces of content. This includes a full width layout, pictured above, that keeps the reader’s attention focused on your content. It also includes full width images you can use in the middle of posts as well as minimalist quote boxes.

You can also choose between and customize a number of different styles no matter which design you choose. This includes having the ability to pick from a number of different header layouts and choose between dark and light skins.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $59.


6. Elegant

Elegant is a multipurpose theme that works best as a blogging or magazine theme. It features a timeless, minimalist, black-and-white design and relies on the beauty of your images for color. It’s a great theme for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, photographers and anyone else who uses their own images in blog posts.

The single blog post layout allows you to use large, full width images that feature parallax-scrolling effects. You can also place your content in various places to create a well-designed blog post that places important content where your reader’s eyes are most likely to focus.

This theme is also powered by the Themify Builder, Themify’s drag-and-drop page builder plugin. This allows you to design and build your own pages no matter what your experience level in code is.

This theme is available at Themify’s website for as little as $49/year, or you can purchase it alongside Themify’s other themes for as little as $79/year when you join the developer’s premium theme club.


7. TheFox

TheFox is a powerful multipurpose theme that comes with over 30 homepage concepts, all of which feature different designs and purposes. Some are for specific niches, such as corporate businesses or creative agencies, while others are for specific purposes, such as a landing page for a product.

The blog, however, is something companies, freelancers and solopreneurs will find interesting. It features a number of different unique features and styles, all of which allow you to craft well-designed and well-written blog posts when combined. These features include large header images, sleek quote boxes, a special design for the first letter in a paragraph and more.

Importing demo content is simple if you need to build a website in a jiffy, but you can also design your own pages using the included premium page builder plugin Visual Composer.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $59.


8. Broden

Broden is a simple blog/magazine theme. It features a charming design fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers will love. It only comes with 4 homepage styles, and each one allows you to display your latest posts in different ways.

The single blog post layout, such as the full width layout pictured above, is something bloggers will be delighted to use. These types of bloggers are known for getting personal with their content, and all of the little features this theme comes with will allow them to create captivating posts.

This includes a large header image, chic yet simple quote boxes and the ability to highlight certain pieces of content in yellow. All of this combined gives bloggers the power to bring their stories to life.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $39.


9. SmartBlog

SmartBlog is an “elegant” blog theme. It features a chic, charming and somewhat feminine design that’s minimalist enough to keep a reader’s attention focused on your content. It comes with a handful of homepage layouts, allowing you to display your content in a way that suits you best.

It’s a wonderful theme for food, fashion and lifestyle bloggers who use their own images throughout their posts, as you can see in the fullwidth layout pictured above. You can feature these images in a stunning gallery directly within your post.

This theme also comes with several custom post types and formats as well as several page templates and layouts. All of these features are designed to make it easy for any blogger to build their own website.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $49.


10. Hazel

Hazel is a multipurpose theme for creatives. It features over 35 demos in 3 editions: Hazel, Hazel Gold and Hazel Glass. Each of these editions has a different style, and each demo has a different layout. This gives you a number of different ways to build a well-designed website using a single theme.

The single blog post layout is simple, but its minimalist design is charming enough to give bloggers the ability to grab and maintain a reader’s attention. Features include header images with parallax-scrolling effects, a clean layout and chic quote boxes.

You can also customize a number of different elements with this theme. This includes your site’s header layout, title area layout and mega menu.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $69.


This represents just a small sampling of the stylish WordPress themes currently available. We’ll be sure to pop in here frequently to update the post to reflect the latest and greatest offerings in this category as well. And if your favorite theme didn’t make the cut, be sure to suggest it in the comments. We love to hear about your favorites!

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