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14 Stunning WordPress Genesis Child Themes You Should Consider For Your Website


14 Stunning WordPress Genesis Child Themes You Should Consider For Your Website

Genesis is a popular WordPress theme framework used by many well-known bloggers and WordPress development companies. This platform which has powered several WordPress websites, but if you’re new to building sites, just using Genesis could be slightly intimidating. That’s where the WordPress Genesis child themes come into play. These child themes add extra functionality and theme design options.

Genesis child themes are available for almost every industry including education, real estate, fashion, magazines, corporate, church and other website types.

Similar to the usage of other WordPress themes, Genesis can be used for everything but when it comes to blogs, it’s preferred as it has certain features designed especially to suit their needs.

For instance, Genesis makes it easy to integrate your website with social media platforms and make any customization you want.

The resulting website is user-friendly and accessible, which means more customers, too.

Okay, enough of the fluff. Let’s get straight to the our list of some of the best WordPress Genesis child themes.


Ansel is an exotic theme when it comes to visual look. It is a clean, polished, and extremely responsive WordPress photography theme and includes all the right features to support an image-centric website.


Foodie Pro

Making food and seeking out culinary opportunities is a passion shared by many people. Foodies are everywhere, as are food bloggers. So, a food-centric theme makes sense.

Foodie Pro has gained the approval of many foodies as it truly caters to their needs. Get it? Caters? Anyway, it is a responsive, sleek, and versatile theme that includes a lot of useful customization options.


Author Pro

As the name itself says, Author Pro is perfect for authors. It’s an outstanding, remarkable, and powerful WordPress theme. Using this beautiful theme with the renowned Genesis Framework for better customization is a winning combination.

This is the theme for every writer be it a novelist, journalist, or blogger, as it provides plenty of options for featuring your latest written works.


Altitude Pro

Looking for a professional looking website? Here is a perfect theme for your website, Altitude Pro. It is a minimalist and user-friendly  theme which makes the development process effortless and quick.

The installation of the theme is simple and contains important features which allow you to customize the look of your website’s design. The theme is responsive, too, which means it looks great across most devices.


Whitespace Pro

This theme is for those who need a simple and minimalist design for their website. It would help you build a clean website with just a few clicks. The theme layout exudes a clear sense of credibility.

It is a user-friendly website with easy setup. It comes with a very fluid layout which would run flawlessly on all types of devices.


AgentPress Pro

Being a real estate agent, it is necessary to understand the powerful role played by aesthetics at the time of pitching a sale.

Making a good first impression is important, so having a nice-looking website is a top priority. For taking full advantage of client-friendly websites, make use of the AgentPress Pro theme and create your own unique online status symbol.


News Pro

This theme proves that getting up to date doesn’t mean boring. For a news website, quality of content is always a burden.

But with News Pro, it becomes easier to deliver updates with a particular style. Developers have incorporated many effects and paved the way for video and image-heavy websites.

This theme is great combined with the Newsomatic plugin.


Agency Pro

This theme is the mixture of a standard theme along with an innovative framework.

In this competitive online environment, you need all the help you can get and this theme delivers. Professionalism and integrity are the basis of this theme.


Centric Pro

The aim behind this theme was to boost your chances of success. This theme’s name reflects its core design motto which is to bring your web page to the center of your visitor’s attention.

It is not bad to seek this attention if you want to achieve it with excellent design.


Lifestyle Pro

Lifestyle Pro is a theme full of features available at a reasonable price. You can find six color options, featured images, custom backgrounds, footer widgets, threaded comments, custom header,s and a well-optimized design which would help you in building a successful website.


Magazine Pro

This is a theme with a very modern and stylish look, with an integrated media-friendly design. It has everything a magazine entrepreneur needs to build a beautiful online presence.

It offers featured images, four color styles, custom menus, fixed width displays, theme options, and custom headers.

This theme works great when combined with the Echo RSS plugin.


Enterprise Pro

The Enterprise Pro theme is a perfect blend of technology with accessibility. It contains the hallmark which means that it can make even the riskiest business venture a sure thing.

It is a consistent as well as a reliable theme. This is the perfect match for those who are looking for a professional website foundation to pair with an eye-catching look.


Ambiance Pro

If you have an online profile, you are responsible for producing quality content consistently. For this, you need strong support from the theme you choose. Ambiance Pro more than delivers.


Education Pro

Even though we live in a world now where education can be accessed online with relative ease, traditional educational models are still very important. A good education website will include the features and support needed to display information and look appealing.

Education Pro can help you to create more interesting content


Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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