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Eight Reasons to Become an Amazon Affiliate


Eight Reasons to Become an Amazon Affiliate

The festive season is here again, which is great news for Amazon Affiliates. Each year, the month of December brings with it a significant boost in conversions and hence, in commissions.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your website, Amazon’s Affiliate Programme is a convenient and potentially highly profitable way of doing so. Here are eight reasons why you should consider the programme — and not just for December.

Amazon is a Trusted Retailer

Regardless of how popular your website becomes, first time visitors are unlikely to trust you with their credit card details. Almost everyone, on the other hand, trusts Amazon. It’s one of the most well known names online.

Because of this, when one of your readers finds something that they like, they will feel confident in their ability to make a purchase safely. The same certainly cannot be said for many alternative affiliates.

Handsome Profits

Many people are put off the idea of joining Amazons Affiliate program because of the measly four percent commission rate. While four percent is certainly low, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some serious money.

When somebody spends a thousand dollars after clicking one of your links, that work’s out to forty dollars for you. And four figure purchases are by no means unusual. It’s also worth noting that four percent is only the base rate of commission. The more sales you make, the higher your rate of commission.

Commission Regardless of What’s Ordered

One of the main reasons that it’s possible to make ample profit even with a four percent rate of commission is that blog owners receive a commission regardless of what’s purchased.

If you include a link to a ten dollar e book and the person that clicks on that link goes on to purchase something significantly more expensive, you receive a commission regardless.

Easy to Implement

Outside of AdSense, Amazons Affiliate program is probably the easiest way to monetize your blog in terms of actual implementation. There are ample plug ins available that allow you to add Amazon ads to your blog within a matter of seconds.

Easy to Understand

For those with limited experience in the world of affiliate marketing, Amazons Affiliate Programme can make the perfect introduction. It’s also nice to know right from the start that you are dealing with a reputable company who isn’t going to run off with your profits.

No Restriction on Size of Site

Another similarity to AdSense can be found in the fact that Amazons Affiliate program can be used to monetize just about any site. There are no restrictions on website age or traffic levels.

Not only is this obviously beneficial for owners of small sites, it allows those with multiple blogs, and even micro niche sites, to monetize all of their web properties with a single affiliate.

Suitable for Just About Every Niche

The wide range of products makes it very easy to find products to promote regardless of your site’s niche. At the very least, provided that there are books available that cover your site niche, Amazons Affiliate program can be used to monetize it. It’s therefore ideal for those who find themselves blogging about a less than commercial topic.

Multiple Payment Methods

Finally, as an Amazon Affiliate, you can choose from multiple payment methods, one of which is products from the store itself. While this is more of a perk than a genuine benefit, it can be incredibly satisfying getting paid in consumer electronics. It’s also obviously ideal when you have a little bit of Christmas shopping to do.

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