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5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Trumps Articles


5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Trumps Articles

When you’re starting an online business it can be difficult to find customers. With unlimited funds no doubt you could bring millions of people back to your site, but as that’s not the case, you need to use what you have effectively. If you have done any research you’ve probably heard about content marketing because it’s taking over the online world. The idea is to produce amazing content and share it all over the web in the hope it will draw people into your sales funnel.

People usually associate content marketing with written articles, but you don’t need to write anything if you don’t want to. You might even find that you get better results creating videos. You can still create the quality content people are looking for and once you show people you know what you’re talking about you will end up making a lot more sales. We’re going to have a closer look at why video marketing might be better than article marketing and you might decide it’s right for you.

Reveal The Emotion

It’s almost impossible to show any emotion in an article unless you’re a great writer. If you do happen to become all emotional it still doesn’t guarantee you’re conveying the right message. When your face is on camera it’s completely different. People will be watching you closely and they will know exactly how you feel. You can even start swinging your arms in the air like a mad person, but when you write an article they will never get to see your true feelings.

Save Money

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard someone say that time is money. In business it’s true and if you spend hours writing an article it will stop you from doing other things. You then have to edit it yourself and it will waste even more of your time, or you will need to get someone to edit it for you and it will waste theirs. When you shoot a video it will be over and done with much quicker as long as you don’t need to do it a hundred times until it’s perfect.

Attract More People

Some people won’t want to waste their time reading long articles, but they will happily watch a video because they can be doing other things at the same time. They can watch it while they eat lunch and they don’t have to keep scrolling down the page. You can also go places a written article can’t take you. Think about how popular YouTube is at the moment. You can reach out to people on the second biggest search engine in the world and attract them back to your site.

You Become Their Friend

If someone reads an article on your site they won’t even care who wrote it. Nobody will know who you are, even if they thought the article was brilliant. When they watch you on video they will get to know you as a person. They will like you a lot more, but even if they don’t think you’re the greatest person in the world they might still trust you because you seem genuine. They won’t think that when they read a thousand words on a page.

Over Your Shoulder Action

If you are teaching someone how to do something a video reigns supreme. It’s hard showing someone how to do something in written form. When you shoot a video they can see exactly what you do and copy it step by step. If they don’t understand at the first time of asking they can watch the video again and look at what you do. If it’s an article it’s much harder to find the answer to something they don’t have a clue about.

Test And See

You don’t have to commit yourself to video marketing forever. You only need to give it a try and you will be able to tell whether it’s something you should be doing more of. I’m sure you will love the results you get and your company can move forward, so what are you waiting for?

In my case, the YouTube channel I am working on for a while is starting to generate good results. I publish there info about tips and tricks to get more leads and visitors, and also tutorial videos for the WordPress plugins I create. Don’t forget to subscribe to it, and learn more about online marketing and online income creation.

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