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How to Focus on Conversions on your E-commerce website?


How to Focus on Conversions on your E-commerce website?

If you’re running an e-commerce website, it’s the site’s conversion rate, not traffic that should be your main focus. You could have all of the visitors in the world, but that traffic is useless unless it converts into sales.

If your site receives a good deal of traffic but is not generating the number of sales you expect, consider the following to help increase your conversion rate.

Establish Trust to Gain More Sales

Trust is a big factor in whether or not your website generates conversions. If shoppers do not feel as if they can trust your site, they will not want to get out their credit card and make a purchase. There are a few basic steps you can take to help improve the trust factor associated with your website:

Use SSL Certificates – Having a secure server is essential on an e-commerce website and a requirement for credit card processing on the site. Consumers want to know their information is safe when they make a purchase online and will not make a purchase unless they see your using SSL certificates to keep your site secure.

Be Accredited – Placing badges that signal your site’s credibility with the Better Business Bureau or various industry watchdogs will help gain the trust of your visitors. Also, placing icons that show your website is hacker safe and protected will help people feel safe about making a purchase through your online store.

Professional Design – The design of your e-commerce website can say a lot about your business. In order to increase your conversion rate, use a professional design. The better the quality of your website the easier it will be to convince your visitors that you are reputable and they can trust your business.

Clear Shipping Costs – Clearly stating your shipping costs before someone makes a purchase makes you to appear straightforward and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. People do not like to be surprised with the total amount of their bill, and tend to feel like they have been tricked or deceived. Clearly stating your shipping costs up front will help you eliminate the chance of this happening with your customers while further gaining their trust as a respectable online business.

Utilize Email Marketing

Many e-commerce websites do not fully utilize email marketing. With the ability to reach your customers at the click of a button, email marketing offers online businesses an excellent way to increase sales. By keeping your customers in the loop about your newest products and any specials or sales, you can help ensure those who have made a purchase from you in the past will visit your site again with credit card in hand.

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective marketing tools any business can use. By creating targeted email lists, you can reach your current customers and potential customers separately and provide each one with a targeted marketing message. Targeted messages like these increase the success of your marketing campaign and provide you with an excellent ROI.

Web Design Matters

The design of your website has a large impact on how your visitors perceive your business, and therefore also has a dramatic affect on your site’s conversion rate. Split test different designs and layouts so you can see what does and does not work in terms of increasing your conversion rate.

The colors you use throughout your site along with the position of the product image and depth of the product details can all have an affect on your conversion rate. Split testing these and other aspects of your website’s design will enable you to make subtle changes to your site and gradually increase your conversion rate further.

In the end, the success of an e-commerce website is judged by the number sales and amount of revenue it generates. If you only focus on increasing traffic to your site, you are doing your business a disservice. Working to establish trust with your visitors, utilizing email marketing techniques and improving the design of your website will help you increase your conversion rate and make more money with your e-commerce website.

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