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The Most Important Guest Post Guidelines You Need to Know


The Most Important Guest Post Guidelines You Need to Know

I’m not going to go into the benefits you gain when you submit a guest post. Having found your way here I’ll assume you’re already aware of those, and know how to research the value offers.

Please follow the guidelines below if you are interested in having your content published:

  • Posts MUST be well written. I’ve found that editing and correcting guest posts often takes longer than writing my own in the first place. So if you send me something peppered with grammatical or other errors, unless the content is absolutely stellar, it will be rejected.
  • It should go without saying, but the content must be original; a unique article never posted online before. It must not be spun content and upon acceptance it may not be posted elsewhere.
  • Your post should tell the reader how to do or achieve something, or share insights on something topical and related to online marketing. It should be interesting, factually accurate and at least 450 words in length — longer, more detailed posts are better.
  • Posts that contain at least one related image and/or link to relevant resources that reinforce the theme of the content are preferred.
  • Please do not submit articles that are intended for beginners, or only offer a basic overview or introduction to a topic and lack solid content. A moderately experienced online marketer should come away feeling they have learnt something of value, not that they have wasted their time reading empty content.
  • Topical posts related to industry news will typically get posted sooner than other content. I always keep slots open for time-sensitive posts, but otherwise the posting calendar is set a month to six weeks in advance.
  • Infographics, unique images and videos are also acceptable forms of content. But as with a regular post, they must be exclusive to this blog, and be accompanied by a least 150 words of text.
  • You can include two self-serving links in the byline. They should be at least somewhat related to the topic of the blog (Internet marketing/ e-commerce) if not the post itself. Random off-topic links have become too much of a liability and can no longer be accepted. No affiliate links.
  • Submitted content may be edited, reworded, or restructured without notification, to improve readability, correct errors, etc. This is to your benefit, but if you can’t accept it, don’t offer content.
  • The content should be submitted in pure HTML, with h3 tags used for headings. Alternatively the .doc format is acceptable if headings are wrapped in h3 tags — do not use bold/strong for headings.
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