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Google Compute Engine Vs. Amazon Web Service


Google Compute Engine Vs. Amazon Web Service

As more and more companies make the switch to virtual computing, the battle over who will be the go to provider for cloud based systems has become increasingly heated. Amazon Web Service has long been the leader (and, actually, the only one in the game for many years.)

Google Compute Engine is, however, promising to be stiff competition for Amazon. Who will ultimately claim the top position in the virtual computing game?

Amazon The Current Leader

Currently, it appears that Amazon continues to maintain a firm grip on their position as a leader. This is to be expected at this stage in the game, as Amazon has a good seven years on Google. One reason that has been presented as a possible cause for Amazon’s continued success is the fact that most users agree that they have superior customer service.

Some Google users report that Google customer service can be difficult to contact and may present some problems when it comes to reaching someone who can actually manage a problem.

Amazon Longer Time In The Market

Though Amazon has spent a far longer time on the market than Google, Google has been in the development game for quite some time as well. Google Compute Engine is a system that has been being built for the last 14 years.

Google certainly has had the capital to spend on intensive research and infrastructure, and they are highly likely to ultimately have a product that far surpasses competitors like Amazon. Google also has a solid track record of creating products that run seamlessly with one another, and tends to offer a high level of flexibility.

Billing By Ten Minutes

One thing Google offers that Amazon currently does not is billing by the ten-minute, versus billing by the hour, which is Amazon’s current model. Another new feature being brought forward by Google is the ability to share core instances, which can be beneficial for small businesses or other companies with a smaller level of projects to be processed. The new system also offers more disk support – 10TB per volume, which is ten times the amount offered by Amazon.

Maintaining Success

Just as Google is bringing its brand of frequent and effective updates to its endeavors on the cloud, Amazon has maintained its success by staying true to their mission to provide product at the lowest possible cost.

This will likely continue to be a major selling point for Amazon, as the shift to cloud technology has surely happened on an accelerated timeline because of the cost benefits businesses are more than willing to take advantage of. Like Google, Amazon also continues to offer speed and agility.

Google Compute Engine Growing

While it is clear that Google Compute Engine will grow rapidly in popularity, it seems unlikely that one provider will emerge as the clear cut leader in virtual computing. It is likely that both companies will continue to carve out distinctive places for themselves on the market.

It should be mentioned that other companies, such as Microsoft are likely to take a share of the market as well. The end result is likely to be a marketplace that offers users many options to choose from, which will be ideal for all parties.

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