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Increase autoblog traffic – 3 proven methods


Increase autoblog traffic – 3 proven methods

Back in 2004, there were about 5 million websites, active and online. Today (2019), that number has surpassed 1.7 billion websites on the Internet. The growth rate is phenomenal and your competition grows every day as more and more people launch websites, blogs, and social media accounts. So where does that leave your website or blog when it comes to your share of visitor traffic to your offering? Let’s take a look at some common ways to grow your web presence and boost your website traffic.

1. Content

Content is the single most important thing you can place on your website. The more of it you have, the more chances you have to attract visitors through organic search. Think of each page on your website as a road on the Internet. The more roads you have on your website or blog, the more times visitors will travel down those roads to your URL.

2. Meta Data

Next to on-page content described above, having your Meta Data or “Metas” optimized for user experience and keywords will better increase your chances that people will find you through organic search. Don’t try to optimize for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex only. Rather you should have a nice combination of descriptive words that have your keywords placed correctly in the titles and descriptions.

3. Social Media

Things like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have transformed the web. The Internet is always transitioning, but the introduction of social media has accelerated this process. It is important for you to create social media profiles from all of the top places and actively share your website or blog content on them regularly. Search has changed to include Web 2.0 destinations. Be sure you have a presence on them all.

Video tutorial where I present also a live autoblog, which grew steadily over the years (since 2017).

There you have it. Three of the most effective ways that covers over 75% of how visitors find your website. All are important and demand your attention in order to grow your website traffic. Don’t delay, because the longer you do then you risk loosing more traffic to your competitor’s website or blog instead.

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