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The 2019 Envato Birthday Sale is now live, 30-50% discount to items


The 2019 Envato Birthday Sale is now live, 30-50% discount to items

Envato turned 13 today! Because of this, many items are at a promo price

This summer is bringing many discounts to my plugins!

The ‘Envato Birthday Campaign’ just got started, and the promotion also includes my Newsomatic plugin.

It has a massive 50% discount for the promotional period (39$ -> 19$).

So, if you want to get it, now it’s the best time ever!

You can also go check the promotion page (or plugins page), for the full list of items that are at promo price (30-50% discount).

The promotion ends on 5 PM August 20 2019 (AEST).

You will see the discount on the top of the sales page for Newsomatic, if there is no discount listed on the page, it means the promotional period ended.

Also, don’t forget about the new plugin that was released in my portfolio: Etsyomatic – Etsy Affiliate Plugin – this also has a 30% discount, for a short period.

To your success,
Szabi – CodeRevolution.

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