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Smart Life Hacks For Webmasters


Smart Life Hacks For Webmasters

Life hacks are all the rage as smart little ways to make tasks easier, to save money, or to ‘do it yourself’ rather than using an expensive company. For webmasters some hacks can be immensely useful, allowing you to save time and work more efficiently, while also getting more from the technology on which you rely.

Here are some of my favorite, simple life hacks for webmasters and bloggers that can help you work better and smarter.

Get a Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Phone

Mobile phones can’t quite replace home PCs just yet, but if you want to be able to write articles on the move they can still do the job. All you’ll need is a Bluetooth keyboard and that way you’ll be able to type just as quickly on your smartphone as you could on your PC. Better yet, buy a folding keyboard and you’ll be able to slip it easily into your pocket so that you don’t need to carry a heavy bag with you everywhere.

Use a Notepad and Pen

Most webmasters are rather reliant on technology and understandably so, but it’s important not to let this go too far. For many tasks a notepad and pen is actually a quicker and more efficient tool than a smartphone still and can be used for taking quick notes, for doodling, for playing games, for keeping your contacts in order and even for communicating when you’re overseas. Always carry a notepad, never underestimate it.


As a webmaster you’ll be self-employed and that means you’ll need to file tax returns from time to time. Keeping track of your receipts can be a nightmare, so to make life easier try using this simple approach: put any receipt you don’t need in your pocket and any receipt you do want in your wallet. Now empty your pockets into the big when you get home, and empty out your wallet into a filing cabinet once a month.

Make Your Homepage the Page You Need for Work

If you’re prone to getting distracted when working online, then try setting your homepage as the page you use most often for working. This way you’ll be encouraged to work as soon as you log onto your computer and you’ll be far less likely to start wasting time on Facebook as a result.

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode When Charging

Smartphones are a lifeline for webmasters but are constantly running out of juice at the most inopportune moments. To shave a few seconds off when charging then, use the above tip. Your WiFi and service use up a lot of power, so when you switch these off you’ll be able to power up much faster.

Use a Book for Your Passwords

Keeping track of passwords is another one of the strife we face as webmasters. A trick to coming up with them more easily and then keeping track of them is by using words from a favorite book. This way you can write down somewhere the page number, line and paragraph, but that will only be a small hint to anyone who finds it as you alone will know the book referenced.

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