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The primordial qualities of a good web designer


The primordial qualities of a good web designer

Each person has his own style and all his actions are dictated by it; because of that, some web designers prefer working on a daily basis while others work intensively, depending on their mood. To the success of a web designer contribute a lot of factors such as: the talent, age, experience but also the style, which may be, unprofessionally regarded, as the total number of qualities of an individual. The percentage of the each factor’s influence isn’t precisely established, however it is wrong to neglect any of them. A lot of web design blogs offer precious pieces of advice about how effectively a layout should be created or redesigned, some very experienced designers share their impressions with the novices, but there are few posts treating the ideal psychic of a good creator of .psd files.

It’s true, it is impossible to learn to be attentive while learning, for example, bokeh effects aren’t easy but definitely, not rocket science. More exactly, increasing your focus needs months of practice and the understanding of a technique may need a day or a month, anyways depending on the level of complexity.

The qualities from below describe the perfect web designer and paying attention to them and improving every day may be the solution to avoid lots of problem.


I may be judged for the fact that this point may not be quite important and have nothing to do with web design, which definitely, I can’t deny. In spite of that, being an optimist is capital (I can’t say that I am the best example but honestly, I tried to maintain the good mood while working and the results were noticeable). Many times, being optimistic I manage to do many tasks in a short time with best results, while being upset, all the things were difficult, nothing has been finished…my life was a real hell.
I strongly emphasize that positive attitude is the main ingredient to reach efficiency and working in these conditions is a pleasure. The pressure generated by the clients or the everyday problems shouldn’t let down, also the negative feelings interfere with the project in work. Maybe it sounds a little bit crazy, but believe me, working optimistically increases your power!


The imagination is more important than the intelligence said the best genius of the mankind, Albert Einstein. A designer without a brilliant imagination is a lost case. The imagination is the source of creation and originality; it is the vital chain between the expectations of the clients and the effective project.


A layout or a graphical project success is related in a great proportion to the attention paid to the details, it is worldwide recognized that small details make the big difference. A good web designer must be very careful to many things; a mistake noticed almost at the end of the project needs impressive efforts and a lot of time to be corrected. Any work of a designer may be regarded as a huge collection of details so please try to constantly improve your focus and the results will come sooner.

Capacity of endeavor

The success in any trade is to work hard and efficiently, while the design respects this unwritten rule. A skilled web designer has a lot of work all the time and let’s supposing that the client projects are missing, there are tons of blogs or other source to keep updated with the latest techniques and news. Some clients are very pretentious and the project will need many hours spent only in fine-tuning it; of course, it isn’t very attractive but never forget the satisfaction of a client is the best promo for other ones. Another advantage of having a strong capacity to work is that only by practicing one gains experience, so please don’t waste your precious time!

Artistically spirit

A designer, even if he works by using the latest software and the best technologies is still half-artist. A real web designer not only just solves a checklist of clients, he feels what the customers want and creates a visual existence of the requirements. An artist is a very creative person so this aspect is vital when an original project is required; this tip is important both for designers and clients, clearly, a nonconformist work isn’t accomplished unless the designer is an artist (maybe it is better to write “the artist is a designer”!).

Talented user of technology

We emphasized the artistic component of a web designer, but nowadays everything is computer related and the skills in the online medium are highly appreciated. A web designer uses software to create his work and a skilled one saved a lot of times, which in fact, represent money. Nowadays being a good expert in Internet services may bring many advantages, the most important being cheaper advertising, the easiness of using online communications and the possibility of accessing professional sources of information.

Communications skills

Even if it is situated the last in our list, the communications skills aren’t the last important item. You must be aware that having all the previous qualities, but fully lacking this one is equal to a disaster. A client isn’t an expert in design and the lingo is difficult enough; in order to pass these real impediments, a wise web designer must handle these situations correctly. The communication skills, the diplomacy, and the patience are the elements of a successful mixture that allows solving any problem with the clients.


In a nutshell, a web designer must be a good specialist of his domain, the experience and the acknowledge are playing a huge role, but at the same time working with the clients needs a psychological approach, almost an opposite field of science with technology and web solutions. Nobody is perfect, but while practicing intensively a satisfactory level might be reached. Are you agreeing with this conclusion or do you have another idea?

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