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4 Easy Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions


4 Easy Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

In its simplest form, a landing page is the web page users arrive at after clicking on a link. It could be your about page, home page, checkout page, or any other page on your website. But the best way to use a landing page to your advantage lies not in what it is, but in how it can influence others.

A great landing page should have a custom sales pitch for your organic visitors. The best way to go about this is to figure out where the user came from to get to your landing page, and their demographic information. By using this data to adjust your landing pages, visitor engagement should go up, which will increase your conversion rates.

A well designed landing page always has a better conversion rate than a generic home page. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. When you send people straight to your website’s home page, you’re asking them to figure things out on their own. Then, usually what’ll happen is they spend a few moments trying to find what they came for, only to give up a couple of seconds later moving on to the next site.

Providing users with exactly what they were looking for will get you a captive audience. So here are 4 simple ways to ensure you create a successful landing page that will give users what they want, and have them eating from the palm of your hand.

1. Be A Minimalist

With today’s “microwave” mentality of everything being done right NOW, you need to keep your landing page very simple and straight to the point. Help users on your landing page understand what you’re offering them quickly and easily. Use short sentences and bullet points. Within 5 seconds visitors should get the gist of what you’re offering and why they should take the offer.

2. Make Sure Visitors Know Where They Are

At my company, whenever someone clicks on a special advertisement in our CodeRevolution email newsletter, they’re being moved straight from their email client to the web. Having some sort of message near the landing page header telling visitors where they’ve arrived immediately answers the first reasonable question any user has. You could, for example, summarize the offer you presented to visitors that caused them to click on the link to your landing page in the first place.

3. Offer More Than One Call to Action

Some users like to click on the very first link they find on a landing page. Other users like to read through all the material on the page before taking any action. To satisfy all of your visitors, have links spread near the top, middle and bottom of your landing page. That way visitors can take action as soon as they’re ready without having to scroll through to a certain point on the page.

Also make sure that all of these links lead to a conversion. There are many landing pages that make the mistake of offering ways for the visitor to leave the landing page. Don’t have any sort of escape route. Links to your company mission statement, hours of operation, store locator and things like that gives visitors an easy reason to bounce from your site. That being said, having a link to your privacy page or terms and conditions might not be a bad idea if you’re asking the person for their personal information, but remember in that case to put a call to action link on those pages as well.

4. Keep It Live

Half a year after we ran an email newsletter promoting our newest plugins. So whenever you can, try to make long-term offers, especially when it comes to email campaigns. Many people are overwhelmed with emails from work family, blogs and their various other subscriptions, so they might not get to your email for weeks or even months.

I myself have an entire folder of unread emails that I work on bit by bit each week. People will still run into the same ads and click on them like it was brand new. So offer something they can come back to anytime – you’ll see quite a few more conversions that way.

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