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Deadly Tips to make Money via Blogging


Deadly Tips to make Money via Blogging

And who don’t own a blog! May be it is just a matter of fact that almost every one has got a website today. The prime intention of coming up with a blog is to make money. You want to get some bucks out of your little effort. But how many really knows that almost 78% of the total bloggers fail to even get a  couple of dollars out of blogging. Yes, indeed. Money making via blogging isn’t as easy as you think. Today we will discuss the best ways to make money online through blogging.

Blogging isn’t fun.Especially if you own a custom domain and you have got a bunch of Webhosting.Don’t make Money Making the first focus of your aim.In the first few months make sure that your blog has met the minimum standards such as

  • Perfect & unique Blog Design
  • Lot of Fresh Content.
  • SEO optimized
  • Descent Number of loyal readers

Make money Blogging – It’s possible

Getting few bucks out of your blog isn’t Impossible. Myself being a money-maker, getting about 60 to 70$ per month form Adsense, i realise how wonderful it is to get a dozen of dollars out of your blog. If you have read the Minimum requirements you may follow-up down.


The best way to draw income to your blog is to use any ad-server in your site. Google Adsense is growing wonderfully in the context and it guarantees you the best way to make money online via blogging. If you haven’t yet applied for it, you must give it a try to see income coming  in bunch toy your wallet. Or are you a disapproved Adsense publisher? Don’t worry. There are a few of them out in the market which are perfectly competitive as Google Adsense is. Don’t get disappointed, if you don’t get what you wished for, then grab anything that comes in front of you. Also make sure you got a “Advertise Here” Page for your blog. Who knows it can fetch you a pretty good offer ! 🙂

Affiliate marketing

It is the only way you can bring a 1000$ cheque in no time. There is no other alternative that could defy the affiliate marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing is all about helping someone else sell their product ,through your blog. You will get the referral banner from the host website and just put in your blog. If any of your Blog readers buy the product through your affiliate banners or links, you get a commission of about 30-40% of the total price. In fact, selling a thousand Dollar product could fetch you 300$. Is that amazing?? The top affiliate marketing company that provide you a double-digit commission are:

Selling Guest Posts

Are you good at writing contents? Do you have good Language skill? Then you don’t think it twice. This is the best time you could write a Guest Post and get it sold at any prices you want it be. Make sure that the content is fresh, not copied and minimum contains 700+ words.These steps make sure that the post is never rejected by a Buyer. Also you can sell your Guest article through an online website called Postjoint. You can start an account there and upload your Guest article. People can buy your Guest articles from Post joint at the Price you specified. I have been a member since few months, and i really want every one of you to give it a try. It’s simply awesome and will fetch you 20 to 30$ per post. And if your content is so good, you may even lush 50 to 70$ per post.

Sponsored Reviews

Reviews draws the best part of income earned by a blogger. Earn cash by writing honest reviews about our advertiser’s products and services. Write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest. And the great website provides the best platform for you to make money via sponsored reviews.

And now we come to the end of money making strategies for your blog.

Bonus content – Mistakes to avoid, that will hurt your site’s SEO

Now in this 21st century, it has become nearly impossible for businesses to be successful without proper marketing through internet. The influence of internet brought in dramatic changes in many areas of the business arena. Today, people think that the integrity of an enterprise is symbolized by the way they design and host their website, so they give the most preference to have a wonderful website for their business. However, it will be a terrible situation if your web site fails to get picked by the search engines, regardless of how much money you spend on designing. You can avoid this situation by avoiding some of the below listed common SEO mistakes.

  1. Irrelevant Content: Search engines give prime preference to unique and high quality contents. If your content is not original or duplicated from some other sources, search engines consider it as a spam and this can adversely affect the ranking of your website. Also the information’s on your website should be precise and relevant to the product or service you are offering.
  2. Over crowded Keywords: It is an out dated technique to stuff the content with keywords since the latest algorithms can easily figure out the websites that uses this techniques. The keywords that are not naturally placed will be detected by the new algorithms used by different search engines, and will arrive at the conclusion that your site is following some kind of black hat SEO techniques. 
  3. Too many links:The inclusion of too many links can bring your rank down. This technique is usually used by the SEO beginners as they think that as the number of internal link increases, the rank will also increase. However, it is not a good practice as it steals away the user’s easiness to navigate.
  4. Being Indirect: The use of splash page is a common mistake even it can enhance the feel of your website. The splash page contains minimum data and the user need to make another click to enter your original website. Since the splash page lacks content, it is obvious that this page will not be ranked by a search engine which in turn, may affect the overall ranking of your website.
  5. Giving more priority to SEO activities: Most people try to get a high rank by optimizing their page to the maximum. In this hurry, you may forget the most important thing that you need to satisfy the visitors who actually come to your page. If the visitors do not get what they want they will never turn back to your site which will in turn decrease the traffic to your website.

Majority of the people will not look beyond the first three or four pages of the search result as they think that all the others will be irrelevant and your aim must be to grab a place in the first page itself. Take care of these simple yet harmful mistakes as they may adversely affect the ultimate aim of getting a high rank in the search results.

I hope you have resonated with a whole new bunch of the money-making tips I provided here. If you loved reading this post leave your valuable comments down and take a second to promote this post in the social medias.

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