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Why I really hated Google Plus while it existed


Why I really hated Google Plus while it existed

It has been more than 3 months since Google Plus completely shut down it’s services, even though it was a great platform and seemed easier to use than Twitter (another social media platform I struggle with), in it’s prime days, it never failed to annoy me.

And no, it wasn’t due to lack of interaction (even though I had only a few active friends on Google Plus), in comparison to something like Facebook or Twitter. It is mostly due to how it’s desktop site was built.

As a webmaster, I am constantly told by Google that speed is crucial to user experience and search engine ranking and yet this is exactly where Google Plus failed to perform. This is a bit funny, I know. In fact as an end user, it took the longest time to reach a state, where I could actually begin typing my message to be shared (Facebook is the fastest here, followed by Twitter).

And then there were those animated GIFs, that take ages to load on any connection that was not lightning fast and even further slowed down my time to interaction and made Google Plus feel sluggish. The fact that majority of these weren’t actually posted by my friend circle and were either +1ed by them or promoted by Google was something that was even more annoying and made me wonder what sort of target audience had Google in their mind, when they enabled this annoying feature.

Also, after it’s launch, Google was on a hyper drive to integrate Google Plus in to its various services, in a bid to boost interaction. They also seemed to boost in their search results, content shared using their social network much better than content shared on other social networks. Also, I must recognize the fact that the ability to reply to Google Plus comments through Gmail was simply brilliant, I feel, that until their fall was almost only because of their site speed issues.

In my opinion, this is why they weren’t able to compete against Facebook and Twitter and only continued to annoy users, until their final shutdown, on April 2, 2019.

Let me know in the comments section of this post if you have other ideas why the shutdown happened, and also if you liked or disliked Google Plus while it lasted.

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