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8 Easy Tips for making your Blog more Interactive


8 Easy Tips for making your Blog more Interactive

When you look at your blog, do you find any attractive pages that will encourage visitors to interact and keep reading? Or do you typically find more cluttered pages that will be difficult to navigate for viewers? It’s important to create an attractive and appealing blog where users can interact with the blog. Doing so can significantly increase the chances of success down the road.

Here are the top 8 tips to make your blog more interactive.

  1. Be sure to write high-quality content: When trying to build an appealing blog, make sure that your blog has quality content on it. You should have at least a basic idea of some information about your targeted audience. Do you know certain characteristics of the group you are trying to target? Are they women? Men? What age group? What is the geographical range most of visitors will live in? Answering these questions will definitely help to improve the appeal of your blog which can to promote interactivity.
  2. Try to connect with viewers: When you realize what your targeted audience, it will become even easier to create quality content for your audience. When you are developing the content, make sure that it always connects with the reader. You will want to write so that the reader will find the content ultimately useful. It’s also important to use analytics tools in regards to your blog. Doing this can help you to establish a better understanding of who really reads your content. Google Analytics is an example of a free tool.
  3. Make sure that you create content that is scannable: If you want to make your blog more interactive, then remember to create simple content. When creating your content, avoid long articles that are dense. Instead readers will tend to stick with easy to read content, or easy to scan content. A few good rules include
    • Use 20 or less than 20 words for every sentence.
    • Keep paragraphs under 5 sentences.
    • Use subheadings that are descriptive in order to draw in the attention of the reader.
  1. You’ll want to guide your viewers: It’s significant to lay out your content on the website in an appealing and attractive way. You will be able to guide your visitors’ experiences on your blog by doing this. The more important feature and tools of your blog should be the most prominent in order to ensure that visitors find them.
  2. Create a custom figurehead or logo: An important place on the website is the upper left hand corner of it. You can use this area to display your website’s logo. This will help to assure the visitors that they are your site. A custom logo can help to make your blog more interactive.
  3. Using a white space creatively is important: Make sure that the blog’s white space, or the area between the text and graphics on the webpage, are creative. A lot of bloggers will try to pack in too much visual information on a webpage. However, this can be tiring on a visitor’s eyes and will give the blog a stressed and busy feeling. Being simple with the design and spreading out the content is key. Lead viewers to content by making great use of the navigation and not by cramming all that information on one page.  
  4. Using quality graphics can do wonders: When it comes to how to make your blog more interactive, sometimes using graphics on a webpage to spice it up can help. However, make sure to keep them reasonable in terms of quantity and size. Cluttering up the pages may turn readers off from your blog. Sticking to quality graphics while not overdoing it can help to make your blog more interactive.
  5. Facilitate interaction features and mechanics: Last but not least, you can easily make it possible for visitors to interactive with you. Setting up plugins in order to make commenting on different posts easy can definitely help out. Also adding widgets in order to let people share their posts on different social media networks and profiles can do wonders as well, and can make it simple to continue on the conversation.

Cluttered websites and blogs use to be popular, but now they’re nothing more than a thing of the past. It’s never been more simple to incorporate cheap or free open source resources in order to make your blog’s interaction the best that it can be. When you make your blog more interactive there will also be a variety of benefits for both you and your readers. By encouraging readers to interact with your blog’s content simply by making it possible for them to get the correct information is essential for your blog to succeed.

If you wish to take things one step further, and want to create ‘ Loyal Fanatics’ out of your online visitors or customers, I recommend that you also read this member only post.

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