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Guest Bloggers and WordPress: How to Attract and Manage Guest Blogging?


Guest Bloggers and WordPress: How to Attract and Manage Guest Blogging?

In today’s internet world, guest blogging has become an incredibly powerful tool to gain more exposure. There are numerous articles on the internet that will talk about how to write a wonderful guest post. However, there aren’t too many that cover the side of the publisher when it comes to guest blogging. After all, potential publishers who are interested in having ghost bloggers probably ask a variety of question, including but not limited to:

  • What if any, are the benefits of using guest posts for a publisher?
  • How do you attract guest bloggers to create guest posts?
  • Which posts should you accept?
  • Which posts should you reject?
  • How do you effectively manage all of those guest bloggers?
  • Why form of WordPress setup do you need?
  • Are there any WordPress plugins out there that will help?
  • Where are things to avoid when it comes to guest bloggers?

Providing that you’ve had these questions, you’re at the right place. This article will help to show the readers ways to effectively manage and effectively attract guest bloggers in WordPress.

The Benefits of Guest Posts for Publishers

Most people know that guest blogging has a variety of benefits and advantages for the guest writer or blogger, as well as the company that they may represent. However, you may wonder if there any benefits for the publisher in this situation.

Fortunately when it comes to guest bloggers in WordPress there is a world of benefits for the publisher as well as the guest blogger. Here are just a few benefits that publishers will gain when they use guest bloggers in WordPress:

  • A new perspective on things: Every writer will bring their own unique perspective with their content. This means that your audience will have some change of pace, which most people will appreciate.
  • A possible new audience: More often than not, a guest blogger will end up sharing their published post with their own audience, as well as yours.
  • A new connection: When you allow the other writer to guest post on your website, you will automatically build a relationship with them. This will then increase your chances of helping one another in the future.
  • New content: Don’t forget that the primary reason and benefit for a guest blogger is the new content that they can provide. This means that your website will get that extra post that you as the publisher did not have to write, which will also leave you with extra time to spend on writing more content on your part.

WordPress and Attracting Guest Bloggers

There are numerous ways when you are trying to draw in different guest bloggers in WordPress. The easiest method to achieve this is to create a page on your website entitled “Write for Us.” Many times blogs will tend to make this page incredibly visible. Some will even place this link on their main navigation page.

When posting a “Write for Us” page make sure that it is always going to be visible to your readers. Making it visible to guests will help your readers to figure out that you are accepting guest posts and guest bloggers in WordPress for your website.

Another technique for gaining more guest bloggers is by posting on other websites. Many times bloggers will end up reciprocating guest posts. This can easily work out for you as the publisher if you are in the same niche. Last but not least, you can join up with a community of different guest bloggers.

Once you begin to get guest post submissions, you will probably wonder how to determine exactly what is good and what is bad. In this case the publisher will need to set the rules.

Accepting or Rejecting Guest Posts

Spammers and SEO companies will tend to rely on guest posts in order to spam. It’s for this reason that now matter how popular a blog is, it’s possible to see at least a handful of guest post requests. When your blog is more new, and you get a request from a guest blogger to post on your blog, you may get very excited and may end up approving this post even if it’s low in quality. A few rules to follow include but are not limited to:

  • Ask about backlinks and keywords.
  • Ask for a topic pick and summary of the topic and article.
  • Never accept list post ideas of generic ideas.

Setup for Guest Bloggers in WordPress

There are different options you have when it comes to guest blogger in WordPress. Here are a couple:

  • Individual user accounts: This is a popularly used technique. You will be able to create an account for the user on your website or blog. This will then give them access to the blog’s backend which will make it easy for you to manage things. The guest blogger can upload images, format the posts, etc.
  • Generic guest writer account: You as the publisher will notice several blogs including your own when you use a generic guest blogger account. This means that you just create one particular account and title it “Guest Blogger.” Any guest post or posts that are then published can be associated with this one account. At the start of the article you can add who the original author was, and at the end you can add their writer bio.

When it comes to guest bloggers in WordPress, you can gain a ton of benefits for you and your blog.

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