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The importance of keeping WordPress updated


The importance of keeping WordPress updated

Many website owners, bloggers, and business owners use it in order to manage their websites and blogs. To get the most out of WordPress, users should considering why it’s important to keep WordPress up to date. There is a wide range of reasons why WordPress should be kept updated, but here is a brief overview of the most important reasons.

Security Is Number One

When it comes to WordPress and why it’s important to keep WordPress up to date, security is number one. One of the primary reasons as to why upgrading a WordPress installation is important revolves around the idea of security. While there are some updates that will focus on functionality, almost all of the updates will contain some security fixes. Many users know the unfortunate consequences of a hosts being hacked.

It’s even more significant to realize that security is important because many users will rely on their websites and blogs for income. In reality, many websites are businesses. This means that if a website or blog is hacked due to lack of security, then a person’s business is virtually hacked. It’s important to not gamble when it comes to WordPress and updating. Users always have the ability to defend their website by installing an update that will help to promote its security.

WordPress, Speed, and Updating

There are more reasons as to why it’s important to keep WordPress up to date, including speed. For example, the 3.3 update will help to decrease the heavy code in order to have an expandable menus within the WordPress dashboard. This new upgrade will also replace the “new” navigation bar from WordPress with the latest (newest) version. It works to combine together familiar or old abilities and functions with a fresh new look and provides users with increased speed in order to access the most used tools.

The developments are always working on new ways to make a user’s website run smoother and faster. They tend to spend a lot of time testing and experimenting in order to make sure that everything is perfect for users when they promote the notification and tell users to upgrade.

WordPress and Compatibility

The biggest stress of upgrading your site can be compatibility. Many of them are concerned that once they run the installer, that something will ultimately break. However, if something does end up going wrong it is important for users to realize that it is not because of WordPress itself; it is due to a plugin that was poorly designed.

In order to ensure that a user’s site upgrade does run smoothly, it’s important for users to backup everything first. This includes installation folders on the host server as well as all of the database files. In any case, it’s always a good thing to have a fresh backup in case things go wrong.

When a user does end up running an upgrade, this will more than likely go fine. If however, a situation happens in which problems arise, then it’s in the user’s best interest to immediately disable their plugins one at a time until they find the root cause of the problem. If there is a plugin that you don’t actually need, then it’s advisable to get rid of it. In doing so, chances are that you may be able to find an alternative that is better than the original plugin and does not cause any problems or conflicts. Remember, having a site that is secure is more important than one single plugin that may end up causing problems.

What Should You Do?

It’s most ideal for users to upgrade their WordPress blogs and updates within an hour of the official release. However, upgrading late is better than not upgrading at all. But if you ask us, your best solution is to signup for WPEngine hosting and have the professionals take care of your WordPress updates for you.

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