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10 beautiful free & paid large icon sets with over 500 icons


10 beautiful free & paid large icon sets with over 500 icons

Many times i have scanned the Internet to find a proper icon or a few icons for my project. Until these were typical icons I wanted to use, it was relatively easy to find them, as nearly every icon set, even a small one, had such. But when it came to finding a more sophisticated icon things got tricky. I had to look for a large icon sets that had not only the poplar icons but some rare as well. Sometimes I needed a certain group of icons like POI (point of interest – used on maps) or food icons. These requirements also forced me to search for big sets of icons. I found them quite a lot and I would like to share my knowledge with you. I hope you find it helpful.

1. Pyconic

Pyconic free icon set offers 400 icons. So why it is on my list? Because it also offers 3 paid packs which extend the total number of available icons to 1168. Pretty impressive.  The free 400 icons are published under  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). The additional paid packages are Royalty-Free. Each paid pack costs $29-$90 depending if we want a png files, vector files or both.

2. Icons Solid

Icons Solid is a set of impressive 1075 really nice icons. In order to use these icons you need to pay a fair price of $39 for Royalty-Free license and $49 for Developer license. Developer license allows to use unlimited number of icons in a number of 3 applications, WordPress themes or plugins even if you want to sell them.

3. Icons Solid

Icons8 is a bit different then others. It offers 3 styles of icons Windows 8, IOS 7 and Android. The numbers are pretty awesome. Windows 8 style offers 2100+ icons, IOS 7 style offers 1700+ and Android style offers 1200+ icons. The next big thing about Icons8 is you can use them for free. The only thing they require is a proper attribution. There are also paid plans starting from $149 and allowing to use icons without attribution, or get one icon designed for you, or get access other file types like SVG, allowing you to create your own icon font.

4. Streamlineicons

Streamline icons are one of the best on the web. It is a set of 1600+ extremely good looking icons in all file types you want. They have a special packs prepared for Designers and Developers and these are not to expensive, being priced $69. There is one drawback however. If you would like to use these icons in WordPress theme or plugin for sale, you cannot use more then 100 icons. There is no way you extend this number regardless the money you are willing to pay.

5. Icomoon

Icomoon offers 3 icons pack. The free one has 450 icons and is published under GPL / CC BY 3.0. The second and third pack are both published under “Developer friendly license”, which allows you to use them on WordPress themes and plugins intended for sale. The second pack has 900 icons and costs $39 and the third pack has 1200+ icons and costs $59.

6. Hawcons

Hawcons is another awesome free resource. It offers 500 icons offered in a variety of files formats (you get over 12 000 files). What is uncertain about Hawcons is that the license is not clear. I read it few times and I still do not know if these icons can be used in plugins and themes. I believe further clarifications is required to make it clear.

7. Iconify

Iconify offers 656 beautiful icons. All of them can be bought for $29, which is a very affordable price. The nice thing is you do not have to buy the whole set. Iconify offers an option to by only the icons you want for $2 each. This is a nice solution if you just need few icons and do not want to pay the whole amount. The big issue here is the license does not allow to use Iconify icons in templates or plugins.

8. Minimalist icon set by Pixelkit

Pixelkit is a very nice site, where you can get UI kits for different web applications, mobile apps, or icon sets. One of them is Minimalist icon set, which I find really pretty. It offers 1000 icons. There are 2 ways to buy it. You can either sign up to Pixelkit for $39 and get access to all of their resources, or you can buy it on for only $18. The trick is however that the Regular License on GraphicRiver does allow you to use icons in themes and plugins offered for free, but not for the ones for sale, and the license on Pixelkit allows you both.

9. Outlines icon se by Pixelkit

As I wrote above Pixelkit offers few icon sets. I decided to include 2 of them in this post, so here goes the second one. This icon set consists of 700 icons and is also offered both on Pixelkit and GraphicRiver in the same way the one above.

10. Graphicriver

A great resource for icons is GraphicRiver. It is one of Envato Marketplaces (like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon). There are a lot of icon sets offered for sale, and for sure you will find something that suits you. What you need to be aware are licenses. By default there are two licenses available Regular and Extended (however some authors do not offer extended licenses). The  Regular license allows you to use icons in WordPress themes and plugins offered for free. If you would like to use them for themes and plugins for sale you need to buy the Extended license which costs 15 times more, making it pretty expensive.


If you know any other icons sets worth to mention here, do let me know.

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