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5 awesome Chrome extensions making WordPress better


5 awesome Chrome extensions making WordPress better

If I would ask you about extending WordPress functionality, you would most probably say “WordPress Plugins”. That is right, but it is not the only way. There is also a number of Chrome extensions, that will make using WordPress easier. You can have similar functionality using WP plugins, so you may wonder, what is the point of using Chrome extensions. Here are the reasons:
  • speed – Every plugin you install to your WordPress, makes it slower and speed is essential for your site. It is known, that higher page load times significantly decrease number of visitors. This is not what you are after, right? So you should make every effort possible to reduce installed plugins to minimum. One of the way is using Chrome extensions instead.
  • security – Unless you are a high skilled developer you cannot say if plugin you install is secure. Even very popular plugins, created by well known authors can have serious security issues. Some recent examples are MailPoet and Revolution Slider. If there is a Chrome extension that can substitute a WP plugin you are using, you should go for the Chrome Extension to make your WP more secure.

1. Platen

Platen is a WordPress markup editor. It does not enhance the WordPress Editor, but has its own window with its own options. There is quite a lot of available functions like

  • choosing a theme
  • inserting WordPress login credentials
  • choosing the fonts you like

You can also save posts, add images or view logs. It has all you need, the only thing that could be improved is interface, because it look a bit outdated.

Link to plugin page


2. StackEdit

StackEdit is something for you, if you find Platen definitely not enough. It’s full featured markup editor with lots of features. The main difference is you have a screen split in half. One side is where you write your markup, second where you can instantly preview of document contents. Other features you may like are:

  • Commenting system
  • Synchronization to GDrive, Dropbox
  • Publishing to WordPress, Github, Blogger, Tumblr and more
  • Multiple user collaboration
  • Some converting options
  • Looks quite good.

You need to know that it requires Jetpack plugin in order to work with hosted WordPress. But it is really worth it!

Link to plugin page


3. Plugins SVN Link

This is a very simple, but also very useful plugin. When you view a WordPress plugin page, below “Download” button it adds another button, that allows you to access plugins SVN repository.

Link to plugin page


4. WordPress Site Manager

There is a number of people that have several WordPress sites. The more sites you have, the harder is to manage them. WordPress Site Manager can help you. It stores login credentials to your sites. When you open WP login page the plugin will auto-fill login credentials and enter Dashboard. You can also use plugin icon. Click it and you will see a list of your saved WordPress sites. From this list, you can access your chosen WP site and you will be automatically logged in. An additional feature of WordPress Site Manager is it enhances WordPress Editor by adding line numbers and syntax highlighting.

Link to plugin page


5. ExpressCurate

ExpressCurate makes working with ExpressCurate Free WordPress plugin easier. The whole solution is created to help you optimize your post in terms of SEO. It guides you through:

  • choosing right image
  • choosing tags
  • writing title and description
  • creating content (provides suggestions)

I suggest to try it out, and check if it suits you as it is not obvious to use.

Link to plugin page


As you can see there is few really good and robust Chrome extensions, as well as some really small but still useful that make WordPress better.  We will surely see more in near future so it is always good to check Google Web store from time to time. I really hope you will find some of the above mentioned Chrome Extensions useful. Share your thoughts!

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