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Get Better At Taking Action Than Making Excuses


Get Better At Taking Action Than Making Excuses

I recently realized that I make a lot of excuses. There are excuses for not working out, for not eating healthy, for not cleaning the house, for not being more productive with work.

But I’m also realizing (slowly but surely) that these excuses are not bringing me any kind of results. Not working out certainly isn’t giving me a toned body; not eating healthy sure isn’t helping me drop some unwanted weight. You get the picture.

So, yes, I can say I’m not making as much money this month because the kids are home on summer break and I’m distracted but the reality is I’m allowing myself to become distracted and I haven’t taken steps to avoid this distraction.

Once again, the answer is slapping me in the face…

The Key to Success is TAKING ACTION!

I can daydream with the best of them but dreams don’t become reality without TAKING ACTION.

My dream home on the lake is going to remain a dream unless I TAKE ACTION to make the necessary money.

I can dream about my ultimate around the world vacation but we won’t be going anywhere unless I TAKE ACTION to raise those funds.

Do you see the common theme here? TAKING ACTION is a vital part of success and apparently I need to be reminded of this everyday or my mind falls too quickly into the realm of distraction.

Productivity Tips

If you’re fighting distractions and your productivity is lacking, do some soul-searching with me and figure out how you can combat this awful dilemma. Here are some things I’ve discovered for myself that I’m going to implement immediately.

1. Getting dressed before work. For me, working in my pj’s doesn’t work. It’s too casual and doesn’t put me in a work frame of mind. This is when I tend to browse social media and play computer games, which certainly isn’t making me money.

2. Making lists. My brain is busy trying to balance the family responsibilities and time schedule, so adding client work or projects to that mix just isn’t working for me.

Making a to-do list every night, listing out every current project for every client, helps me to visually see what has to get done within the next few days. It’s also nice to visually see things getting crossed off.

3. Working somewhere other than at home. I know, this kind of defeats the purpose of ‘working from home’ but sometimes you just gotta change things up! Choose a quite place where you are not easily distracted. If you like nature, search for a quite park (just be sure to go with full laptop batteries). This will give you a huge productivity boost!

4. Give yourself a challenge. I like to give myself regular challenges, just to get me out of my rut and in the habit of doing stuff outside of my comfort zone. While sometimes it’s difficult to complete the challenge successfully, for me, most important is that I tried. Also, if I regularly do something, it becomes a habit. Experts also say that after doing a task for 3 weeks, it becomes a new habit, so that can only help!

5. Keep your mind open to change. I’m learning that even the best laid plans might need some changing. Today I was supposed to start my day with WordPress plugin related work but instead, I wrote this blog post. And I’m totally fine with this change because I felt the motivation to write.

Some days I’m raring to go by 8 am while other days I can’t get moving until closer to lunch time. So long as the work gets done on time, feel free to change up your schedule. Whatever schedule works best for YOU is what you should follow.

Who’s with me on finding some productivity solutions this summer? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section…we can learn from each other!

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