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Website Monetization and WordPress Plug-ins – All You Need To Know


Website Monetization and WordPress Plug-ins – All You Need To Know

One of the main reasons why people own websites is to earn money and make a living. Fortunately, with the help of several content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, owning a website today is very easy, convenient and cost as little as nothing.

Creating a website seems pretty easy to achieve, however, making money and earning a living from your website is quite the opposite of creating one. It isn’t impossible because there are a lot of people making a lot of money from their websites, blogs etc. This article will reveal some key techniques on website monetization and how plug-ins can help you earn a living from your website.

Website monetization simply means making money from your website. To make money off your website, you will need to ensure your site has a good level of relevance, popularity and authority. Once your site has any of these three things, making money won’t be a problem.

You can monetize your site through the following ways:

  1. Offer useful services – you can render services such as web consultation. With well-developed knowledge, you can teach and train other website owners. Other services you can render include content writing, graphics designing, Digital Marketing. You don’t necessarily need to have the technical know-how to do all these; all you need do is act as a middleman. Make your site open to freelancers who will like to make their work and name known to a larger market. You can get paid from rendering these services.
  2. Advertisement – once your site is established and has high traffic, it will undoubtedly attract advertisement and you can charge clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  3. Rendering WooCommerce services – another effective way of monetizing your site is by offering WooCommerce services such as WooCommerce mix and match and WooCommerce price by country where you promote other business sites through your site and when customers patronize such business using your link, you get a percentage of the profit.
  4. Donation – you can ask for a voluntary donation from your viewers as a form of appreciation for your efforts. All you need do is have the ‘donation’ option visible in on your site.


These website monetization techniques can be aided with the use of WordPress plug-ins such as:

  1. AdRotate – This plug-in helps advertisement on your site
  2. ThirstyAffiliates – This is very helpful when you are offering affiliate marketing services. Others include Amazon Link Engine, Auto Affiliate Links.
  3. Smart Donations – if you intend to monetize your website by freewill donations, this plug-in recognize donation from certain e-wallet example PayPal.



In website monetization, snippets are very important to take into consideration. Snippets help search engines easily locate contents on your website. This is because the snippet consists of the description page, the title and URL of your website. Rich Snippets are basic results you get when using the Google search engine. However, Rich snippets go a step further to reveal some additional data which are usually gotten from structured data in an HTML page.

Rich Snippets such as Magneto 2 Rich Snippet and Magneto Rich Snippet can help in website monetization.

  1. Magneto Rich Snippet – these are a type of structured data that enhance the appearance of your website in an organic search. The Magneto Rich Snippet improves your conversion rate and will reach out to a larger targeted population which will create more traffic on your site.
  2. Magneto 2 Rich Snippet – this is a structured data that enables the search engine to get a better understanding of the information in your store page. Magneto 2 projects vital information in your search result this will increase the visibility of your site. By doing this, your site will be well projected and this will give your site more traffic.

The ease at which it is to create a website in today’s world has encouraged a large number of persons to create one with the hope of earning a living out of it. However, a lot of persons get discouraged when they fail to achieve their primary aim of setting up a website.

With the techniques listed in this article, monetizing your website won’t be difficult.

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