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Why a Business Online: Is It To Escape the Nine to Five Woes?


Why a Business Online: Is It To Escape the Nine to Five Woes?

You might be one of those people who is unhappy with your job and want some quick money making ideas so that you can quit working. I enjoy  my trade but I don’t like dealing with the red tape, bureaucracy or office politics that come with a J.O.B. It’s just not my thing and it really gets under my skin. Not to mention that I don’t like waking up early to attend to a commitment every day (I like to feel in control of my time). Most importantly, I don’t like to be told what to do. So, several years ago, I decided to find another way to make a living.

Throughout the years, I continued to research business opportunities that didn’t require me to be married to a business and I began to entertain blogging and various online business models to alleviate the thought of being stuck in a working “mold”  that just did not fit who I was.

Escaping the 9 to 5

You and I are in a group that is increasing rapidly as many other people begin to feel dissatisfied too. A lot of people start to consider the idea of starting their own business, particularly one online, to alleviate the nine to five woes. Why? Because in their heads they are sold by the ‘ideal’ of living a life on their own terms. The problem is that with the internet, information is increasing at records speed.  Some people want some quick money making ideas and others become overwhelmed with the technology and systems. The truth is that you can drown with all of the information available about how to start a business online. I know I did.

I eventually combed through all of the junk in the trunk. After having purchased multiple business coaching programs, I created this website (the one you’re reading now) in order to put all the time and money I invested into action.

What Are Some Quick Money Making Ideas?

In theory there are many money money making ideas but in reality, you have to develop the skills and put in a lot of work to make the “quick” work.

Here’s my story….

When I realized that perhaps it was possible for me to start a business online, it looked very simple from the surface. I thought all I had to do was put up a website (which from my research wasn’t all that hard to do) and put up some products to sell. I went in search of many money making business ideas that I felt were trending based on my experience in interacting with people. So, I started with an idea that I would sell WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon.

I began to research my competition online and I found a few competitors whom I closely monitored. Then, the realness sunk into my brain when realized that I didn’t know how to bring potential customers to my website. In the beginning, I thought I had to place advertisements all over the internet, and had no idea about the traffic tactics that were out there to bring traffic to my site. I began to explore and found a mountain of information on small businesses startups and quick money making ideas that I can start on a small budget – I accumulated  a list of failed attempts.

I Crashed and Burned

I realized that starting a business from home was more than just finding an idea that will bring in some real money. Starting from home invited some confusion, laziness and lack of direction. I learned it can be very easy to put up a website and much easier to treat it it like a hobby that would eventually become a doomed project that never would never evolve past the “dream” stage.

A good rule of thumb is to always start out with the notion that you are launching a real business – no matter what other people say to deter you from that mission. And, no matter how many times you think you failed. The money that I am making now from my online business is a collection of multiple mistakes. It really is a journey of trial and error.

Make Money Selling Online: The Basics I Learned

What I’ve learned is that it all boils down to these basics (all of which you can do on your own and on the side):

  1. Find a niche and a way to infuse passion into it (don’t listen to the passion naysayers)
  2. Develop your Ideal Internet Business (based on the lifestyle you envision for yourself)
  3. Put up a website (this is very easy and can be done in 4 minutes – follow Pat Flynn’s Video on how to do this)
  4. Market it like crazy (Social Media, Blogging, You Tube, Being found on Google & Podcasting are the most successful free ways to market your site)
  5. Make the sales
  6. Keep re-inventing yourself like Madonna
  7. Make bigger and better sales as you grow
  8. Grow your options – that might even include quitting your job

Discover Your Ideal Internet Business

Whether your reason for wanting to start an online business is to escape your 9 to 5 or to earn extra income, just know that with dedication and hard work (yes, it can be challenging) you can not only achieve both, but you can also make money beyond what you can imagine. Just keep in mind where you want to go and continue to visualize that throughout the process as you build your internet home based business. You’ll thank me for this tip later:)

I took a leap of faith and still push through doubt every day. Follow my growth by sending me your email address in the box from the right sidebar and I will also send you all I’ve learned in the process….Cheers to designing your new life!

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