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How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Topic


How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Topic

I’m not the first person to write about how important it is to be passionate about the topic you blog about – but what other factors should you consider when you want to launch a blog? And how can you know that the what the best topic for blogging is and whether it will be be a good one for you?

I certainly can’t tell you what to blog about. I can provide you with some great questions and some guidance to help you determine what is right for you.

First of all, come up with a list of potential subjects that interest you – the longer, the better. Once you have your list, ask yourself the following questions about each of your ideas. Some ideas will quickly fall out of consideration, while others will start to emerge as stronger options for you.

And you don’t have to pick just one – especially if there is some crossover between a few ideas. Kittens, finance and art may be a stretch – but you could blog about kittens and breeding as a business, or building a business as an artist, or a create a kitten art blog.

How To Choose the Best Topic For Blogging

1.  Are you certain you know enough about this subject to write about it on a consistent basis?

Alternatively, if you are writing a learning blog, are you certain that there is enough for you to write about as you become more proficient in this subject area?

You want to have a LOT to say about your blog topic, so if this is a subject you can talk a lot about in life, chances are you have a lot to write about for a blog.

2.  Will this subject offer you enough variety and opportunities to go off on a tangent or two?

You want a topic that is specialized so that you can attract a niche audience – but ensure that you don’t box yourself in too closely or no matter what your passion, you’ll run out of things to say.

3.  Does this subject offer you a way to connect with other people, with yourself, or with the outside world?

We are social creatures – and blogs are a natural tool for connecting with others via trackbacks and comments – but does your topic offer a way connect? For example, can you be a little personal every now and then if you wrote about this idea? Does this topic require that you dig deep within yourself to come up with content? Or will creating a blog in this niche eventually foster a community as the blog matures?

The more you can predict your chosen topic will foster a sense of connection, the more enjoyable it will be to write about it. Even if you can’t predict it right now, that’s fine – it’s just a factor that will greatly enhance your desire to continue to write as your blog matures.

4. Can you write with some authority on this subject?

Call this the ego factor – do you know what you are talking about? Will readers look to you for guidance, advice, leadership? Are you a guru in this field?

We all need to feel important – so as you review your ideas, consider how each of them helps you to feel significant.

At the same time, too much ego tends to diminish the previous factor of connecting with your readers – so make your choices wisely when the ego is the one influencing your choice!

5.  Do you really love this subject?

I don’t know how much more explanation this needs.. 😉

6. Is there room for growth in this subject area?

Is this a topic that is continually changing or expanding? Or is it just hot right now, but in danger of extinction? (Read: Brittany Spears). Consider the long-term viability of your ideas, as well as the growth opportunities the topic will offer you. Do you have more to learn on the subject? Will it stretch you a bit to take on this topic?

Growth is good!

7.  Is this blog topic one that gives back and contributes to others?

To really be fulfilled long-term with your blog topic, you can’t just write for you. We are here to make a difference in this world, and each person has their own unique experiences that offers value to others.

Successful businesses are ones that add value to their customers’ lives – your blog is no exception to this law of physics. 😉

Having a Hard Time Choosing a Blog Topic?

You are not alone. If you are just starting out, make sure you don’t choose a topic you know nothing about. You’ll either get burnt out researching and have no energy to write, and you may even quick altogether.

Your answers to each of these questions above will help clarify what will be the best fit for you as you consider launching your first blog – or a new blog. The more you can say “yes” to these, the more you will enjoy writing about the topic.

If, on a scale of 1 to 10 you are at a level 15 for all 7 questions, you have found yourself a winner. But then you had better watch out for blogging addiction… which is another post for another time 😉

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