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The Best and Easiest Online Home Based Business Opportunity There Is


The Best and Easiest Online Home Based Business Opportunity There Is

If you’ve been thinking of a way to get out of the rat race and have been contemplating finding a way to fulfill your dreams at the same time – start blogging. After all, it is one of the easiest business ideas online you can get going in a matter of minutes and with the least amount of money (startup costs: $0 to $100). All you do is offer really good information, create a community around your blog and attract a lot of visitors. Then, you pick one of dozens of ways to monetize your blog.

You do have to have a certain level of passion and dedication but in terms of starting a business that will fit your lifestyle, blogging is one of the most flexible online home business opportunities around.

So What Do You Blog About?

Blogging is a lot about finding a balance between offering your readers really good information and entertainment. It’s a great place to put your personality out there especially if that’s where you shine. But in my opinion, you don’t really need personality. You might be a good writer, videographer, or have a great voice for podcasting. What I love about blogging is that you can find an avenue this fits you. You can grow it as big as you like or keep it small and manageable. Either way, you can earn full time income or extra money from home. It all depends on your vision and the amount of  work you put in.

When people jump on Google, they are looking for information on some topic. Offering answers for these Google searches by way of  tips and strategies on how to deal with something or how to do something better is  the recipe for building a successful theme around your blog.

For example, check out 5 dollar dinners. This blogger offers great tips on how make great meals for your family on a budget. She was able to get 1000 visitors a day on her blog in her first month of starting it. That’s impressive.

Are you good with crafts? Blog about DIY crafting projects. Or, what about home improvement projects like this couple does on Young House Love. The couple who run that blog have taken a break recently because they grew too big.

And lets not forget to mention the blogger of all bloggers Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog. He’s making it rain money on that blog just by offering great information and resources on how to make your blog work for you.

And yes, they were all ordinary blogs that average people like you and me launched one day and are now making six to 7 figure incomes off their blogs from home.

How Often Should You Get Blogging?

As much as you can. The more updated and fresh your content is on your blog, the more chances you have to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing and the more opportunity you will have for content to go viral and get shared on social media platforms. Plus, you don’t want to short change your loyal readers. If you don’t want the task of putting content out multiple times aw week, chunk your production time.  I knock several blog posts out in one sitting and spread out the time that I publish them for the world to see. Then, I don’t have to worry about having to write every week.

Can You Get Rich From Home?

Well, it all depends on what your definition of “rich” is. But make real money? Oh yes you can. You basically get what you put out. The more invested you are in thinking about your blog as a real business, the more strategic you are going to be about your plan. Just be prepared to have a little patience because it does to take to build readership and loyalty to your blog. As you evolve, you’ll learn more about what your people like and you can find more creative ways  to solve their problems putting you in a position where your readers will tell other people about you to the point where you’ll become famous online for a specific topic. The more “famous” your blog becomes, the more money you’ll make.

Blogging Online Home Business Plan: Start Up and Profit

Blogging stage 1

You first think of a concept that may be helpful to a group of people. For example, I help beginners become more goal directed in actually starting an internet home business centered around blogging and affiliate marketing. Information that I put out moves a person from wanting to start an online home business to actually starting one on the side. Don’t underestimate the time investment of this stage. For some people it may take 3 months, for others it can take a year. It all depends on how hot your concept is, how large the market is, how good your information is and how much you promote your blog.

Blogging stage 2

Your blog is live online and you have trickles of traffic if you’ve been promoting it. You start friending and following people on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that you can fine tune the best networks that work for who you are trying to attract. You get a few people leaving comments on your blog and you may even get a few subscribers. At this point, you still are not making any significant money but possibly a few bucks here and there.

Blogging stage 3

A few of your pages and posts are actually showing up on the first page of Google and you are starting to gain some authority in your field. People are sharing your information more and you are developing trust and loyalty with your readers. At this stage, you’ll start considering maybe revamping your website design because maybe you went cheap when you first started and you want something with better aesthetics and more functionality. You’ll also starting to build your blog subscriber signups and have autoresponders like Aweber in place. You start making income that is a bit more meaty. Statistically, to make your first 1k for the month, you”ll need around 35K to 50K visitors to your blog per month. This is a ball park figure and it is highly dependent on your blog’s topic and how you are monetizing it. There are dozens of ways to make money with your blog so you’ll just have to figure out what works best for you and your market.

Blogging stage 4

You have a pretty consistent traffic flow to your blog. You’ve developed a solid reputation and people are linking back to your site left and right. Since you’ve developed authority, you are making a lot more money. You are may be making a full time income and you have of the option of leaving your 9 to 5 behind if you like. You even have to option of hiring many of your tasks out to assistants so that you don’t have to work so much in your business and have more time to do other important and enjoyable things.

Blogging stage 5

You’re the bomb. You’re blog is one of the top 5 in your industry and you are getting invited to speak at live events where you can get paid for sharing your knowledge on stage. Your advertisers are paying you more money because of the quality of your traffic. You may start getting endorsement proposals and/or TV appearances.

Blogging stage 6

At this time, you can sell pretty much anything to your readers. All you have to do is mention a product to your subscribers and they run to buy it because they trust in your word. Many blogs don’t make it to this stage but you don’t really need to in order to make a full time income from your blog. However, it’s perfectly doable if those are your aspirations and you are willing to put in the time and effort to get it to that point. So, there you have it. Although this lifecycle of a blog can be pretty overwhelming to look at a glance, it’s really simple once you get started. It all starts with a decision and a commitment. With time, the home business opportunity you jumped on will become a full fledging self-sustaining home-based business.

Go on. What are you waiting for? Get your blogging on.

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