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7 Underused Free Resources From


7 Underused Free Resources From

Did you know that there are several free resource categories on the site that can help save you some time and money especially if you are on a budget or you’re pressed for time for your blog. Many can actually help to enhance your blogging.

Issues With Your Blog Can Cost You Time And Money

It is important when running your blog not to let the technicalities get in the way of your progress, so you really need to know that there are some very underused resources right at your finger tips that can help you overcome some of the challenges you may come across and make a note of them for future reference. I have listed some of these resources to help you out below.

Support Forums

When you have a technical issue or just a question about anything on your WordPress blog you can get support and answers  from the official WordPress community 24 hours a day directly from the support forum. There is always someone available to answer questions. The resource can be a real money saver versus hiring technical help. Often time there is an easy fix to most of the problems that may crop up on your blog.

Plugins Directory

The plugins directory located at WordPress Plugins has over to help you extend the functionality of your WordPress blog from adding Twitter widgets to full fledged eCommerce shopping carts, you can probably find it in the plugin directory.

Themes Directory

A great  place to go for free themes when your  just starting out with your blog or maybe a little short on cash to afford a premium theme is WordPress Themes. All of the themes submitted to and accepted for this directory have been checked to ensure that the themes have clean code and do not contain malware code.

Tutorials  Is an official site that has tutorials on just about every topic you can imagine for WordPress and the best part is costs you nothing to go there and learn, from how to use WordPress to trouble shooting your plugins and themes, they have an massive set of tutorials.

News News is the official blog which is updated frequently with the latest news like security updates, bug fixes and much more. It is always a great idea if you are using the WordPress platform to check this site at least once a week.

WordPress Related Blogs

WordPress Planet  has a fantastic collection of WordPress related blogs that offer updated information, tips and tricks for the WordPress platform.

Mobile Apps

WordPress Mobile Apps This is your one stop shop when you plan on blogging from your cell phone, they have virtually every App imaginable when it comes to using WordPress on your mobile device.

So, To Sum Up The Benefits of These Free Resources

The WordPress,org community is not only free but it can be a priceless source of information for blog owners in terms of saving money on purchasing tutorials or hiring a tech geek to fix problems that can be addressed by using the free resources listed above.  Plus, because all the information is coming directly from the source, you can depend on it to be current.

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