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5 Cool Tips And Tricks For WordPress


5 Cool Tips And Tricks For WordPress

I am a WordPress fanatic and whether you are new to the platform or have been running your site on it for a while, there are always new things to learn because WordPress is always changing, growing and becoming more dynamic than ever.

When you are a beginner and you’re just starting out with your site, things can seem very intimidating and you may feel like any button you touch could break something. I hear you, I have been there myself.

So I thought you may enjoy some of the Tips, Tricks and Hacks that I have found from some other great bloggers, that could prove to be very helpful to you.

Permalink Tips

I decided to head out searching the World Wide Web to find a blogger who really knows how to teach when you are new to WordPress. Pamela Wilson from CopyBlogger has seven fabulous tips to share that will help you start off right, with everything from the targeted titles for your posts to the footer of your site.

The tip I found the most helpful for WordPress newbies was tip #3 clean up your permalinks. You really want to try and get your site started off right from the beginning when it comes to the structure of your permalinks.

Embedding Media Tips

Jonathan Goldford of Wired Impact who wrote an awesome post for Mashable that has 5 essential WordPress for beginners tips. He shows you how to schedule your posts for the future, change your page and blog post URLs and my favorite from this post is tip #4 how to easily embed videos, tweets and other media on your site.

Are you starting to get a little more comfortable with WordPress yet?

Avatar Branding Tricks

Here I found 55 most wanted WordPress tips, tricks and hacks brought to you by the editorial staff over at WPBeginner.  My favorite  is tip #16, how to change the default gravatar button to your own site icon for branding, instead of the dreaded old mystery man we all see.

Those are just some of the tips, tricks and hacks you’ll learn when you visit this post.

Favicon Tricks

Do you like the idea of getting rid of the drab original favicon that comes installed with your WordPress theme? Well here is how to use your gravatar as a favicon on your wordpress blog. This is such a simple way to have a custom favicon without learning design.

Plugins, Themes & And Design Hacks

I am loving this aren’t you? But all good things must come to an end, so to finish off with a big bang, I am going to introduce you to the top 100 resources for WordPress tips tricks and tutorials written by Jimmy Atkinson over at WHdb.

The is the most comprehensive list I have come across when it comes to anything WordPress related that you may want to consider adding to your list of resources for the future. I really hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with me and discovering some amazing ways to use WordPress. Now go create some awesome sites!

Is there another blog post you think we should have included here?

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