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WP Requirements Compliant Badge awarded!


WP Requirements Compliant Badge awarded!

I am delighted to announce that CodeRevolution was awarded the ‘WP Requirements Compliant Badge’ to our CodeCanyon profile! This means that all our items meet the WordPress quality standards, including security, quality, performance and modern coding standards.

All plugins sold by us were thoroughly checked by the Envato market experts and are fully compliant with all modern WordPress requirements.


What is the WP Requirements Compliant Badge?

This is an author level badge, which is awarded by Envato. It will only be awarded to authors who have passed the spot check process, ie all items meet the current/updated published requirements (for themes and plugins respectively).

Why is this a big deal?

Well, this is a pretty big deal, because Envato’s new WordPress plugin requirements list is very long (was updated in late 2018). I worked 3 and a half months to update all my plugins from my portfolio (90+ plugins) to meet these new requirements. So, it was not easy to obtain this badge. 🙂

Also, right now, this badge was awarded to very few authors from Envato: (right now – late April 2019 – there are just under 40 authors from entire Envato in this list).

Quality of items can also be seen in reviews and star ratings for all our plugins:

Thank you for choosing our products!

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