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How to get more subscribers for your blog? Exit popup recommendation


How to get more subscribers for your blog? Exit popup recommendation

If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for a while you’ll know just how difficult and costly it can be to get a big increase in traffic to your site. So something which promises to get you the same results (more sign-ups) as a big bump in traffic – but for a lot less pain – is incredibly valuable.

The trouble is, I’ve tested multiple popups over the years and I’ve never seen any improvement in optin rates. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest and greatest plugin for WordPress. I’ve never seen any improvements.

Usually, niches are very conservative. People get a glimpse of a popup and they immediately think “scam” and click away – myself included!

Normally I use a slide-up for opt-ins. It’s more discrete, and doesn’t produce the same “eeugh” effect as being presented with a popup normally does.

But I do know that others have seen good results from popups in their niches – so I test whatever new popup comes out.

However, I tend to use the one I built myself: Get Subscribers – Exit Popup for WordPress. It’s different for two reasons:

Firstly, most normal popups require you to create your the “page” that is popped up yourself and to paste the html or a link to the page into the popup. This is where the problems start. Firstly it takes ages to design a decent looking optin box. Secondly, most of us doesn’t have the design talent to do it – so we end up with an ugly looking popup that raises all sorts of “scam” concerns with visitors.

Get Subscribers – Exit Popup is different. Like many tools, it says you can be up and running in 2 minutes. But in this case it’s actually true. You just type in the header text and the bullets you want. Select your color scheme, upload a picture of your giveaway (if you have one) and you’re done.

Secondly, because Get Subscribers – Exit Popup popups look, well, so damn pretty, they don’t raise all the “scam” concerns that normal popups do. The popup makes your site look more professional, not less. So as a result, you don’t scare off potential sign-ups.

Get Subscribers Popup main features:

+ Pop-ups are displayed even when Adblockers try to block your content
+ Mobile and desktop optimized.
+ Support for a wide range of modern web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
+ Configuring your popup with just clicks from the mouse (including popup title, popup text, image, Facebook like button, Facebook share button, Twitter tweet button, Google Plus +1 button and form close link)
+ Two Color Pickers for popup background and popup text to help match the look of your existing website
+ Ability to choose if popup should appear only once for every visitor (using cookies)
+ Ability to choose if popup should appear only on the main page of the website
+ Possibility to add your own HTML code to be show inside the popup
+ Possibility to add content generated by WordPress shortcodes to be show inside the popup
+ Ability to choose if clicking outside the popup will close the popup
+ Live as you type popup preview in the settings window
+ Possibility to disable popup from the settings panel
+ Support for all web subscriber management providers like Feedburner, Feedblitz, SpecificFeeds, FeedPress, MailChimp or Aweber
+ Responsive layout
+ Multiples display popup trigger options (separate for mobile and desktop): On Page Load/On Page Load With Custom Delay in Seconds/On Page Scroll/On Visitor Leave Intent
+ Ability to choose if clicking outside the popup will close the popup or not
+ Automatic popup update process – new features made for the popup will be automatically deployed on your website with plugin auto-updating
+ Ability to choose the background color of the popup
+ Ability to choose the text color of the popup
+ Instant preview of your popup in the right side of the popup configuration panel
+ In case you write your own HTML code, the popup provides an “update-as-you-write” popup preview panel
+ Popup supports a wide range of image formats, including data URIs
+ Optimized for speed – as less as possible page speed impact
+ Help for installation and configuration (including a live preview) in the zip file.

But the million dollar question is: does it work?

Well, other popup plugins advertise themselves as “increasing optin rates by 400% or more”.

What did I get?

Well, not quite the same. I’ve been running the popup for the last 2 weeks on my main site and my optin rate has gone up by a massive 120%. And I was already using a slide-up rather than nothing at all.

So all-in-all, pretty damn good. In fact, I’m over the moon with it. What it means is that with no extra traffic I can get over twice as many subscribers than I used to. And in the long run twice as many subscribers means twice as many clients.

As well as being easy to use, it’s easy to install. There’s a WordPress plugin you just upload – or there’s now a manual version you can use if you’re not running WordPress.

There are multiple different optin templates you can choose from, with different color options. It works “cut and paste” with your own HTML code.

You can also select which pages it appears on and when it appears. And it can be used an an exit popup. It’s got a 30 day no quibble guarantee too.

The only downside at the moment is that it doesn’t have the option to recognize when a visitor has already subscribed and not show them the popup. This might get annoying for regular subscribers over time if they keep coming back to the pages or blog posts with the popup on.

But overall that’s a minor gripe compared to just how easily and how well this thing works.

Get Subscribers – Exit Popup gets my highest recommendation: go get it now on CodeCanyon.

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