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Factors to consider when selling your blog


Factors to consider when selling your blog

Selling a blog is one of the toughest and biggest nightmare for many bloggers who want to change their life, by making a major change to it. It is not an easy job to deal with and one has to be more clear in setting up things before listing the blog for sale. The most important and key things that influences the blog sale is traffic stats, income generated, page rank, content and finally the popularity which is measured by backlinks.

Traffic Stats: Buyers always asks about the traffic stats of the blog and that is the first and fore first question one can expect from the person’s who were in interested in buying. One has to mention the stats of the blog for the last three months (live screenshot from the Google analytics is recommended), Mention about the type of visitors (usually one will prefer a blog with majority of organic traffic).

Blog’s Income: Blog’s income will play the vital role for estimating the value of the value, although Web Traffic for the blog is most important factor that proves the stamina of the blog but the real value of that lies in the income generated by the blog. Usually one will prefer to procure a blog with decent amount of monthly earnings.

PageRank & Backlinks: Consider a blog with good amount of backlinks and multiple links form Dmoz and a good pagerank with the blog with less backlinks, definitely there would be some weight age for the blog with higher pagerank  will rank high in search engine results. It is quite obvious that the buyer expects this in the blog and there fore it is also most important aspect which determines the value of the website.

Content: Content is always king and no doubt that the buyer will always check the content in various ways for plagiarism. A blog with loads of useful content and backlinks will be ranked good in SERP and higher value which influences the price of the blog.

Miscellaneous: Various other factors like design of the website, age of the domain, running costs like hosting charges and advertising costs, feed subscribers will influence the buyer and make him offer more than you expect from your blog.

So what are the other factors that influences the buyer while selling the blog? Do you think selling your blog or do you experience in selling the blogs/domains. Share your experience. . I love to hear that from you.

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