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Differences between designers and clients


Differences between designers and clients

Designing is one of the most creative sectors compared to a lot other. Every beautiful thing goes viral by the touch of a professional designer. The designer never expresses their idea in ways which general people think. But when they release anything it is liked by all. Mainly, they work with their mind, common sense and experience. They plan and research their every work by closing their eyes. All the creative design we see now is the crops of passing a lot of night of a designer. In this article, we discuss about the typical relationship of designer vs clients and their differences.

The Nightmare relationship between Designer and Client:

Important to realize, a designer has to think a lot of perspectives before completing their task. On the other hand, it’s not so easy to make the clients happy with their desired design. The client-designer relationship depends on comparing common sense of purpose, goals, and perspectives. In reality, varying a work in different perspectives make the task more complicated. Though a designer is going forward by winning the mind of a client by hard work.

But Something really happens for all which take a little bit time to make sense of the clients. Such as a client wants some strange things which are not possible to implement in their work including a client to insist the logo will be bigger, colors will be brighter and the typeface will be groovier. On the other hand, a designer makes his sense of humor more outstanding including more white space, subtle colors and the font equivalent of Candice Swanepoel.  

At the end of the day, you have to work day and night to realize or feel your client with the right one. Besides, you have to think from a different angle to make your design more unique and heart touching.

Design resources site Pixelo has made a fun series of illustration comparing the behavior of the Clients vs Graphic Designer. All the things really happen among all the designer. Let’s see and discuss something the fun series to stay in the comfort zone by seeing that all the things happen to all.

Differences between Designers and Clients:

  1. Selecting Color for the clients is one of the major problems by the designer. Always Clients want a brighter color. Though designers think it will be more accurate with subtle one.
  1. A perfect font can change the overall layout. Maybe a designer is thinking to replace a font with “Proximo Nova”. Though clients want a typeface like groovier.
  1. Instead of adapting with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, clients may insist in MS word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  1. Most of the time designers become more frustrated in this factor. He/She has made an image or collected an image from reliable stock photo sites. On the other hand, clients are knocking why not from Google Images.
  1. In the case of spacing, clients want to look a “justify” mode with heading or paragraph. Though you know making left or right alignment will make the design more attractive.
  1. When you’re passing day and night with layers and effect, clients may knock you about the image in Photoshop. He will not realize the layer at all.  
  1. A designer is trying to add something new and creative all the time. Though clients are ready to erase it. They make the fault to realize actual fact on time.
  1. When you are trying to make a button or sign with appropriate color that will make amazing looking. On the other hand, clients want an eye catching view with bright color.
  1. When a designer makes his creativity with the brain, on the other hand, clients are waiting to make fuel with money ($).
  1. When you are waiting for making another creative work in Dribble or other, clients are counting his sales progress or dollar.
  1. As a designer, you are trying to make the font size perfect by tools. On the other hand, clients think it can make more accurate by drag and drop only.

After all, it’s true that you have to make your clients happy. On the other hand, you have to keep your creativity consistent. Don’t just create stuff that makes your client happy but makes you compromise with your creative sense. And also, Don’t create ‘amazing’ stuff that leaves your client unhappy. Find your perfect balance.

Make sure to share the article with your friends/clients to make some extra fun.

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