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Top rated free Pinterest Pin It and follow me plugins for WordPress


Top rated free Pinterest Pin It and follow me plugins for WordPress

Pinterest started their journey in early 2010. Their main concept was sharing images. Though anyone can’t think about its popularity. Now in every month, it gets near about 1000M page views from all over the world. Similarly, it’s the most popular photo sharing sites. On the other hand, Google counts the images from Pinterest as special juice in SERP ranking. Mainly, visual content like images is one of the best sources for traffic and eye-catching overview of the content.

For this reason, the webmaster is very busy to get the special benefit from Pinterest. Notably, 75% of bloggers are using WordPress as their blogging platform. They are looking for a solution for automatic sharing the images from WordPress. With this in mind, there are available plugins to do the same works on Pinterest. To point out, the main concept of this post is focusing those popular and best-rated plugins for the Pinterest pin it images. Let’s talk about top 6 free Pinterest Pin it plugins for WordPress.

Features of Pinterest Pin it Plugins:

Generally, Pinterest provides some unique features than any other social media. So, we have to find a plugin for our sites, which is providing the below features…

  • Pin it buttons: It encourages the visitor to pin the images or post with images. Actually, it keeps the button among the images (top or bottom) or in the post.
  • Follow Me Badges: It encourages the viewers to follow your Pinterest profiles. It may stay among pin it button.
  • Apply to Galleries: These options give you the opportunities to add pin it button on each thumbnail of the galleries.
  • Gallery Widgets: This widgets help you to show the images like gallery or gallery images from your Pinterest account.
  • In-Post Galleries: It helps to insert or show Pinterest Gallery images into your post.
  • Easy Verification: This helps you to verify your blog/websites with the Pinterest account.
  • Blocking: This helps you to block some specific images to share or index. It will discourage some images not to show the pin it button.

Top 6 Free Pinterest Pin it plugins for WordPress:

Let’s talk now about 6 top-rated Pinterest Pin it plugins for WordPress. The first thing to remember, all the plugins are top-rated and has got huge popularity by the users.

  • Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post:

It’s one of the most popular plugins for Pinterest Pin it. The plugins help you to add pin it button on your blog posts, pages, and images. It’ll work like hover when you’ll click on the images. You can customize the colors of hovering. On the other hand, you will be able to show Pinterest button on posts and pages. You will get the full control to disable or enable any post or pages or images. Similarly, installing process is so easy. Just download, install and activate, then start pinning.

Download and Install

  • Pinterest Pin it Button for images:

Pinterest Pin it Button for images in another best functional plugin for sharing images. It will add pin it button on images and gallery. Everything you need is to configure it on your own choices. You will be able to pin an image under any board by this simple plugin. After installing it, click on activate and then go Settings » Pinterest Pin it and configure it with your need. You can choose its default setting to pin it on post, page, categories images. Even you can select some images for not pinning.

Download the plugins

  • Pinterest “Pin It” Button:

Pinterest Pin It Button by Phil Derksen is very popular and well-rated plugins in WordPress. Most interesting factor for this plugins is you can easily add Pinterest widgets to get more followers. On the other hand, you can use the shortcode to show the Pinterest button anywhere in your post or page. Similarly, you can pin it easily in any post or page images within one click. The plugins are compatible with the latest for the version of WordPress. Installing and activating process is so easy as like other plugins.

Download the plugins

  • Pretty Pinterest Pins:

Pretty Pinterest Pins allows you to show the latest pin from your Pinterest account. Image related article or blog can get more exposure by this little plugins. On the other hand, it gives you to make amazing widgets with Pinterest follow button. Important to realize, you can display specific pin it from the specific board too. You can change your board from the dashboard at any time. In the hope that, you can change the number of pins to display also. In reality, the plugins are so awesome in looking and you can change or hide the captions to make it more attractive. Installing and customizing it is so easy and anyone can do it as like blind.

Download the Plugins

  • Pinterest RSS Widget:

Pinterest RSS Widget is an important plugin to show Pinterest RSS in your blog. It allows displaying latest pin from your profile. On the other hand, you can show your liked or followed pin by this plugins. You can also display an amazing follow button for your Pinterest profile. Similarly, it gives you the opportunity to show the pin, board or gallery among the post or page or where you want. The plugins are easy to use and the customizing process is so simple with attractive functional features.

Download the Plugins

  • Pinterest Verify:

Verifying Pinterest Profile manually with your website is not so easy. Actually, you have to add the meta tag or an HTML file in your public_html files to verify the profile. For this reason, this plugin can help you to add the meta tag of Pinterest account in your websites very easily. It will reduce your time to verify the websites. On the other hand, it will be very helpful who is not tech savvy. Though Phil Derksen is not updating the plugins last two years. Markedly, the plugin has good customer feedback and 10k+ websites are using this plugin for verifying their Pinterest account.

Download the Plugins

At last, I will tell Pinterest is a great way to rank your websites and images in the SERP. It gives you clear juice pointing your websites from the profile, pins, and boards also. So ranking your websites in google make sure your are sharing your images in Pinterest in the right ways. If I get time, I will share another great tips for customizing Pinterest for your websites to rank well.

And a final premium Pinterest plugin recommendation:

  • Pinterestomatic Automatic Post Generator and Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress

Using this plugin, you can automatically generate pins on boards you own on Pinterest, and can also automatically import pins from Pinterest, to your WordPress blog, as posts, pages or any custom post type.

Check the plugin here

This is all for today. If you get this article helpful for you, share it on your social media. If you need any further help you can contact me via the comment section. Thanks in advance. 🙂 

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