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20+ Must-Have Chrome Extension for Designers and Developers


20+ Must-Have Chrome Extension for Designers and Developers

Do you want to increase your productivity? Yes! Some simple Chrome Extension has been built to increase your productivity when working sitting on your computer. Such types of plugins, add-ons or extensions will reduce the working time of you. Most of the time we search great extensions for Google Chrome to enhance our working capability. This post will discuss some must-have Chrome Extension for designers and developers. Important to realize, this types of awesome extension are totally free to use and they are built by the users to raise their working time. Another key point, this types of the popular plugin has been built to focus some special types of task.
Not to mention, we have used all the extension for compatibility issues and availability. All the tools are very well-coded and user-friendly to use. So why are you waiting? Let’s talk about the most popular and must-have Google Chrome Extension for designers and developers.

20+ must-have Chrome Extension for designers and developers:

Let’s see 20+ must have Chrome Extension for designers and developers…
  1. Web Developers:

Web developers is a most popular Google Chrome Extension for designers and developers. This was a must need Add-ons for Firefox also. You can’t imagine 1 million+ designers and developers are using it for increasing their productivity and reducing their working time. This extension is mostly used for analyzing web pages and layouts and doing edits all types of code and elements on the fly. On the other hand, you can use it for testing the code. Similarly, it can control browser cache and be modifying stylesheets. It is also popular to show the hidden elements in your browser.
  1. Session Manager:

Session Manager is a tab controlling extension in Google Chrome. Actually, managing tab is an art who works on the web. To point out, a developers or designer have to launch a lot of tab at a time. It is necessary for their working purposes. So if you get any tool which will help you to reopen any tab when you need? How will it seem? I think it is better than anything for you. Yes! This work can be done easily by the session manager. You can make the group or customize it for your most used websites or social media to do the work quickly. Important to realize, it can use anyone to increase their productivity online.
  1. Clear Cache:

Though it is very simple Cache extension, but very essential to finish the work. You have no pressure for pop-ups or annoying ads to clear cache. Generally, to increase browser visibility we use the clear cache. Though you can do it manually from the browser. But it allows you to give more functionality like clearing app cache, passwords or harmful files and cookies.
  1. Resolution Test:

Resolution Test is a great tool for web designers and developers to check website resolution in different sizes. Generally, if offers to test resolution in the different browser and different screen resolution. With attention to, it allows you to check most used resolution according to requirements. You can customize and increase the functionality from the settings.
  1. Edit this Cookie:  

It’s so tough to find any good Cookie Manager Extension or add-ons. Edit this Cookie can fulfill your requirements. It’s very easy to add, delete or manage cookies with a single click on the browser. The extension is very well-coded and the interface is very easy to understand. Customizing cookies from any browser manually is not an easy task. On the other hand, it gives the facilities to export or import cookies from anywhere.
  1. YSlow Page Performance Checker:

Yslow is a great extension for checking Page performance of any page for any websites. It offers to check and test website performance. Similarly, it provides percentage and suggestion to increase page performance. It integrates security check, optimizing images, CSS, JavaScripts and HTML code. It provides specific suggestion and recommendation to make your web page faster. It is the best practice to use YSlow for checking page performance.
  1. Firebug Lite for Chrome:

Firebug Lite is one of the popular and must have extension for web designers and developers. Not to mention, Firebug allows you to edit and monitor HTML, CSS and JavaScript live on any web page. Though it is used as Google Developer Tool but it can also use in other browsers. The tool has been built with JavaScript and it works for every domain. Even it can load the code and images before loading the websites.
  1. What Font:

Are you want to know what font is used by a website? “What Font” is the best solution for you. Generally, the extension allows you to identify the font of the websites. Though you can do the similar work by Firebug and WebKit. With this in mind, the specialty of this font kid is that you can easily know the font of any websites by hovering into the text only.  Important to realize, this simple extension also supports the web fonts like Typekit or Google Font API.
  1. Screen Capture:

Full Page Screen Capture is an essential tool for designers and developers. It allows you to capture the full page or specific area with one click only. It makes a PNG image and offers you to share it at anywhere. Another key point, you can edit the images here with highlighting, cropping or adding text. It can take vertical and horizontal photos. It can also scroll automatically to capture the whole page.
  1. Highly Highlighter:

This is an important extension to share any important part with Highlight text. You can share it on the social media too to attract attention in special part. It offers you to bring discussion from the important sections in your web page. It helps you to focus significant parts of writing also.
  1. CSS Shack:

This is an essential tool to export a design into CSS. Generally, CSS shack helps you to get CSS file from a design. It allows you to create a design and then it creates the CSS files automatically. It can create different layers and similar works which are mostly used in the popular photo editor. For this reason, you can easily use the CSS files for your websites.
  1. Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper is a great tool to save content from any websites or from any the web page. As an illustration, this simple extension are being used by 4 million+ users and it is top rated extensions in Google Chrome (1 million+ rating). This extension will help you to save any text, images or links at any time within a single click. Basically, it allows you to collect all the important parts of the web. On the other hand, it offers anything to save which inspires you.
  1. Marmoset:

Marmoset is a must have Chrome Extension for Designers and developers. It allows creating awesome demos and mockups by taking snapshots of your code and output. Similarly, you can add some text or effects to make a great portfolio with the code or designs. In one word, it offers you to create gorgeous code snapshots.
  1. iMacros for Chrome:

iMacros is a handy productivity tool for web designers. As designers, you may test some pages. But doing the same work, again and again, is a boring work. iMacros is a popular Chrome Extension to save the path of your work and record your actions. Significantly, it will allow you to save the path and later it will do the similar work repeatedly without any commands. In the hope that, you have to click the button and it will do the rest. For this reason, it will save a lot of times to focus another work.
  1. Google Font Previewer for Chrome:

Google Font Previewer for Chrome is an awesome tool for experimenting font in your websites. It is very useful for all types of designers and developers. It allows you to check different types font in your web page without occurring any actual change. Important to realize, it provides font weights, styles, and text effects to enjoy the live preview. Similarly, the extensions are adding and updating font regularly to make it more innovative.
  1. ColorZilla:

ColorZilla is an important tool for advanced eyedropper. Another key point, you can pick Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies by this simple and small Chrome extensions. In Firefox it was so much popular with near about 5 millions+ users. Now, it is available for Google Chrome too. By using ColorZilla, you can take the color estimation from anywhere of the page. Surprisingly, you can paste the code in any program to execute it.
  1. Page Ruler:

Page Ruler is an amazing extension in the sense of getting actual pixels. It allows you to get pixel dimensions and positioning by drawing ruler. It can measure all the elements of a web page. Getting the actual dimensions of any page can manipulate your work more precisely. Using Page Ruler is a very easy task. Just draw ruler and get the pixels with your needs.
  1. PHP Ninja Manual:

When it comes getting any PHP code, PHP Ninja Manual can be your best friends. First thing to remember, remembering every function in any strong programming language like PHP is not so possible. For this reason, you have to waste a lot of time in Google by searching different terms of PHP. But PHP Ninja Manual can help you to get the specific code or documentation from your existing browser. It will help you to stay focused and faster than other. Important to realize, PHP Ninja Manual is available in eight languages.
  1. Code Cola:

Code Cola is an awesome Chrome Extension to execute and implement CSS code. It allows you to execute the source code of any websites. On the other hand, you can edit the CSS code on the spot that means live. Even you can see the changes instantly. Considering this, for building an eye-catching websites Code Cola can play an important role.
  1. Eye Dropper:

Eye Dropper is an innovative and must have extension for web designers and developers. It is a free extension for picking up colors from the different web page. It can also pick color picker and personal color history. Getting the color code from any web page can be very easy task by Eye Dropper. Similarly, it is very effective to select any color from colors.
  1. Data Saver:

Data Saver is a great tool which is developed and controlled by Google. It’s a blessing who are using limited data for cost or not availability. It reduces data optimizing page you visit by Google servers. Basically, it will compress the page before downloading it. To point out, it can’t compress the pages in HTTPS or incognito mode. Another key point, you can use it on the mobile. For activating it in mobile you have to turn it on from the setting.
At last, I’m in the finishing point of the post. It has taken 15+ hours to research and writing the article. But if you get this article helpful, the post will succeed. By all means, it is the must have Chrome Extension collection for all types of designers and developers. So if you are one of them or starting your journey in the similar field it will help you the most.
If you get anything helpful for you in this post, never hesitate to share the post and any kinds of further assistance make a comment in the below section. Have a good journey! Thanks in advance. 🙂
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