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Top 10 Free WordPress Security Plugins [For Guaranteed Security]


Top 10 Free WordPress Security Plugins [For Guaranteed Security]

Are you anxious about your WordPress website’s security? It’s a very common matter for every webmaster to find out the best WordPress security plugins. Are you one of them who are looking for a security plugin and not sure if your plugins will give you guaranteed security? Yes! You have come at the right places. With experimenting a lot of plugins in WordPress, I have made this post to help you also in the sense of security of your valuable assets. Just carry on the whole post to get the desired solution from me. 🙂 

WordPress is the most popular CMS framework in the world and the popularity lies in its security. WordPress gives more concentration on their server and daily it’s adding patch update to make it updated. But some third party theme and plugins are mostly liable for their security reason. As a lot of popular websites are running in this CMS, hackers are looking here for getting on it. Must be remembered, In every day, Google is keeping numerous websites in their blacklist for malware and phishing presents. Researchers show that in every week 20k+ websites for malware and 50k+ websites for phishing are storing in the blacklist by Google. With this in mind, if you are serious about protecting your websites, you should take extra concentration.

First thing to remember, taking security is not just about risk elimination, it will work for risk reduction also. To keep your websites live in Google it is also important to keep your websites secured or you can fall in the bad eye of this search engine. Similarly, as virtual assets, it is the one and only way to provide some guard for taking care purposes. Considering all the aspects, I have made this post to keep your valuable websites secure. Are you bored or worried? No man, I will disclose all the free method to increase WordPress security. 😉 

Top 10 Free WordPress Security Plugins:

Note: All the mentioned below Free WordPress Security Plugins are well researched and tested by me. So the list is very reliable. With this in mind, I’ll request you to read the review very carefully and check which one is the best suited for your blog. Must be remembered, you have to use one for your blog. So, just read the features and review carefully and choose one for your blog. 

Let’s take a look of top rated free WordPress Security Plugins

  • WordFence [Most downloaded WP Security Plugin]

WordFence is one of the best free security plugins for WordPress. You should also know that it’s the most downloaded (2 million+) plugin also. It always checks your website for Malware infection. By the same token, it scans all the files, themes, and plugins on your website. When it finds any harmful behavior on your website, it will inform you within minutes.

Another great feature of WordFence is that it increases your website’s loading time and makes faster than before. For this reason, they use Falcom caching engine and it is totally free with WordFence. One the other hand, it uses two-factor authentication to make your website more secure. It can blocks your website from brute force attack very easily.  Important to realize, you can easily block any specific country with the use of this plugins. It has also included firewall protection which can protect you fake traffic, botnet and scanners. It will also check your hosting provider and if anything unwanted it will inform you at once.

Important to realize, it offers checking anything harmful attack, behavior in your websites. It also checks your all new post, pages, and comments, if there have any malicious code. At the same it supports multisite. So you can control your all of the sites within one plugin. Similarly, you can check real-time traffic source on your website. It can ensure you if any security threat in your websites. By all means, it is getting more and more popularity day by day.


  • Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Sucuri is the most authoritative security plugins for WordPress. I get a lot of experts to recommend it. A 3,00,000+ user with 200+ 5 stars feedback proves it popularity for security reason. Personally, I have used this plugin on many websites. One of the great features of this plugin is Security Activity Audit Logging. Another key point, it is totally free and regularly updated plugin. It offers different types of security solution including File Integrity Monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, and Blacklist Monitoring.

Accordingly, it gives notifications of every login and changes. All the matters happen in Securi Cloud. For this reason, it can’t identify the attacker for the next time of your admin details. It provides remote malware scanning which is very effective. One the other hand, it incorporates with different blacklist engine including Sucuri Labs, Google Safe Browsing, AVG, Norton, McAfee Site Advisor and much more. Important to realize, Sucuri provides Cloud Proxy Protection. It will help you to prevent DOS / DDOS attack and Brute Force Attacks easily.

I’m not using the paid service of Sucuri, but I have heard a lot about the reputation as well. Though you have the tight budget and it’s not the problem to stay with the free version. They are very safe in the free version of Sucuri.


  • BulletProof Security – Multiple Security Plugin

BulletProof is a popular multiple security plugin which takes care of firewall security, database security, login security, backup and more. It can reduce fake traffic. Similarly, it can limit failed login. It will check the themes and plugins all the time. Even new or updated version is checked by BulletProof. If anything seems harmful or unhealthy, it notifies the web admin at once.

Not to mentions, it also helps in caching which is helpful to load your website fastly. Website performance will increase rapidly. BulletProof gives you protection for all types of harmful attack including XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and much more. It has a reputation for custom scanning of your websites. Similarly, the plugin is used more than 1,00,000+ websites with 200+ five star feedback. It is so easy to setup and customizes your WordPress site.

Markedly, it has a pro version with more updated features. If you want more security you can use it. Though free one is enough for all kinds of basic security.


  • iThemes Security – WordPress Security Plugin

Do you know 20k+ websites are hacked daily? Yes! WordPress are one of the best targets for hackers. For this reason, iThemes Security Plugin is giving you 30+ ways to secure your WordPress websites. WordPress is risky for its third party plugins and themes. iThemes gives more security in this area. It works to lock down WordPress and for fixing the common area of your websites to increase the security.

iThemes take special care of your websites and it controls your website from all types of harmful attack. On the other hand, it tracks the registered user’s activity to increase security. It provides two-step authentication and scans regularly to protect your websites. It automatically bans the IP address who try to attack with brute force. Another key point, the plugin is so easy to activate and customization.


  • Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This plugin is so much popular for Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Firewall protection. It runs an automatic security scan and removes all types of security files. It updates regularly to protect regularly from new threats. On the other hand, if you want you can run security scan manually. It has exceptional features to keep safe your websites. When you log in to your websites, it will inform you about new types of threats with the security solution. It will help you to notified before coming to any threats for your websites.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall is very known for easy customization and scanning your websites. You have a vast amount of options to customize it.


  • Acunetix WP Security Scan

Acunetix WP is a free Security Scan Plugin for WordPress. Though it’s not updated for last 2 years, it is compatible with your newest version of WordPress and already it is installed in 90k+ websites. It provides security in the database with admin protection. The plugin is very much popular for version hiding and database protection. On the other hand, it is multisite ready and you can easily take backup of any disaster moment.

Acunetix WP Security helps you to hide admin or author profile and the files which can damage you. Actually, it removes information from the source code which is important for a hacker. On the other hand, it can hide updated information of the websites to keep you more secure. The plugin can save you from Simple Discovery meta tag, database error reporting and PHP error reporting.

In addition, it can keep your websites fully backup and it also offers to check traffic information with real-time traffic. At the same time, it will notify you about your website’s security and login information among certain periods.


  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in one WP Security and Firewall is one of the best rated free WordPress security plugins. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and very stable and easy to use. With the strong capability of WP, if offers you to extra security and firewall on your WordPress website. It is very good practice adding a good security plugin like that.

The plugin is very popular to protect you from brute force attack. For this reason, it has attached login and lockdown in their features. It tracks all the username and password who tries to login in your websites. On the other hand, it informs you any block IP or username for trying a lot of times. Important to realize, All in One WP Security and firewall plugin provides you strong security including user login security, user account security, system firewall security. Similarly, it offers blacklist features, database security, regular plugin updates, simple user interface and much more.

It also keeps backup your .htaccess and wp-config.php file so that you can easily maintain anything broken functionality. Installing and maintaining the plugin is very easy to set up.


  • Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator is a must used WordPress security plugin and it is very much popular. Generally, it’s a plugin to verify you a man or not anything like robot or attacker. If offers login method with username, password and one other method like text, voice call or a mobile app. You can also use security key plugged in by via USB ports.

First thing remember, the second step of login in any device needs one for every new computer. That means if you give authentication code one time in a computer, then it has no need to verify it again. Certainly, when you will try to log in from another PC, it will provide you to verify it again. For this reason, it is very favorite for the webmaster to keep secure of his websites from the attacker.

Installing and activating the plugin is very easy too. To activate the plugin now, follow the below method…

Install the plugin>> Verify your email>> Click on QR Code Authentication method>> Scan the QR Code from the miniOrange Authenticator App>> Step by Step direction are given in the plugin to help you setup the plugin.

Now login to your websites and see that it has already working and recommending to provide Two Factor Authentication,


  • Limit Login Attempts:

Limit Login Attempts is one of the best plugins to secure your WordPress website from Brute Force Attack. As WordPress allows you to login unlimited time, but it inspires the Brute Force Attack. For this reason, Limit Login Attempts is very familiar to protect this kind of attacks. On the other hand, the plugin is free to use and it helps to reduce significantly from Brute Force.

Actually, it reduces login attempts for each IP. You can also customize it or you can use the Auth Cookies to protect your websites. As an open source software, you can easily use this and I will recommend you to use it also.


  • Jetpack:

Jetpack is free and amazing security plugin by WordPress himself. It helps to keep your WordPress website secure and to track user IP and location. Similarly, it allows you to get Site stats and analytics. Notably, it’s a multipurpose plugin for WordPress. It has already 3 million+ users. Keeping your site, it can also add Automatic sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp. It is also popular for showing related posts.

For security reason, Jetpack can protect Brute Force attack. On the other hand, it can also monitor downtime and uptime of your websites. With free it can also provide you Secured logins and two-factor authentication. It offers email subscriptions, Comment login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Fully customizable contact forms. To repeat, it helps you for high-speed CDN for images and Sidebar customization. Actually, Jetpack is more than a plugin for WordPress. By default, you will get it free by the WordPress.


Additional Security Tips:

  • Always keep your website, theme and plugins updated. It will help you to protect in danger. On the other hand, try to not use the outdated plugin without reliable feedback.
  • Use theme and plugin from trusted source.
  • Try to customize admin URL to keep safe yourself from Brute Force attack.
  • Use at least one security plugin from the above list.
  • Make your password with the mixing of numeric, capital and small letter.

Final Thought:

At last, I will recommend you to use any of the above security plugins to keep your website secure. Not to mention, all of the above plugins is reliable and user-friendly. Though you have no need to use more than one. Just I may tell you to test more than one and if you don’t want to test, just read the review one more time and I think it will help you take the decision. With the requirements of your websites, try to use one of them.

If you get this mega article helpful for you, share it on your favorite social media. If you need any further help, never hesitate to share it with the comment section. Have a great and safe journey in the web world and thanks in advance. 🙂 

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